Planet Zebeth cookie

I always wanted to offer a cookie

A delicious and tasty cookie.
A photo of a delicious and tasty chocolate chip cookie with kinda squarish chocolate chips, taken directly top-down view, on a transparent background.

So, I've always kinda wanted to offer a cookie on Planet Zebeth, but not like a tracking cookie or one that stores your name or something, just a fun one. A simple, as-little-data-as-possible, does nothing tracks nothing just a file on your computer that says Planet Zebeth cookie, so that your computer can have a cookie from Planet Zebeth.

And now we have one, WOOOOH! :D

Get cookie here

Note: This cookie does not track anything, it does not do anything, it is literally only the text "Planet Zebeth cookie", and you have to click the button to actually get it once you're in there. In fact, here is the entirety of the cookie webpage code, also useful for if you want to do something similar on your own website :D

<title>Obtain, view, or delete your Planet Zebeth cookie!</title>

function getCookie() {
document.cookie = "Planet Zebeth cookie; expires=Sun, 16 JAN 9999 12:00:00 UTC; path=/";

function showCookie() {
const output = document.getElementById("cookie");
output.textContent = `${document.cookie}`;

function deleteCookie() {
document.cookie = "Planet Zebeth cookie; expires=Sun, 16 JAN 2000 12:00:00 UTC; path=/";


<body text="#C0C0C0" background="/backgd.gif" link="#FFFFFF" vlink="#777777" alink="#FFFF00">
<center><h1>Planet Zebeth cookie</h1>

<button onclick="getCookie()">Get cookie</button>

<button onclick="showCookie()">Show cookie</button>

<button onclick="deleteCookie()">Delete cookie</button>


<code id="cookie"></code>

<br><hr><br><a href="/planetzebeth/bonus/cookie.html"><img src="/planetzebeth/archives/home.gif" alt="Back to cookie intro page"></a></center><br>
So yes, the entirety of the page code for the cookie, for transparency, because I'm pretty picky about that lol, you know exactly what you're getting here.

I needed to set an expiry date for the cookie, as some coding webpages have informed me that some browsers do not like deleting cookies (by way of setting the expiry date to the past), if an expiration date is not initially set. Though hey, a cookie lasting until the year 9999 is pretty good for a baked good lol. Also path needed for the same reason, it'll pop that cookie into the main Planet Zebeth domain.

So yes, enjoy your Planet Zebeth cookie, may it be tasty and delicious for many many many many years to come, and just visit that link again if you want to delete the cookie, or do the usual browser history clearing thing to delete cookies, which will of course remove it as well. And if you do at some point do that but want that tasty and delicious Planet Zebeth cookie back, feel free to visit that link above again, and get another cookie ^_^

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