Dang Sauce

This stuff is SO good, that I had to make an html page for it. First time ever, in the Kabucam gallery, it's THAT good

Dang Sauce. It's too incredible for words, it's TOO incredible for words. Like... k, the goonzquad boys (I follow them), they rave about this stuff, and I mean *rave*. And they keep going on and on about it in their videos, and they bring it up about just how *good* it is, over and over. It's that good. It's that good, that you want to keep saying about it over and over and over again, about how unstatably... tasty the flavour is!

Like... I can't say how unstatably intense, or strong, or limey, or tangy, I can't use any of those words. They found the mix. They found... like k picture this. Imagine you've found a *really* really good bag of chips, of like hot lime flavour, Taki's Fuego comes close. Now imagine that you've just polished off the bag, and it's sitting there, and you go and you tap back that like... teaspoon of fine crumbly crystals at the bottom of the bag... the bottom of the bag crystals after eating a bag... imagine an entire bottle of that. That intensity, that flavour. All of that packed into instantaneously incredible liquid. That is what is inside of this bottle.

You must get it, you must, this isn't even an advertisement per-se, this is just me going on about how... DANG, this sauce! It's that good. Dang, son.

Tried September 2022. That good that I had to write about it.

Every single time they rave about it on their channel, it's still not enough. Every time they say just how *good* it is, it still can't be described enough.
The front of the bottle, carbon-fiber backdrop, with caractures of the two goonzquad boys on top of it, their hats backwards. It's simple white with black linework, and the hats and outline are lime green. It boldly states DANG SAUCE, with Goonzquad's up at the top. Chipotle lime appear in script beneath dang sauce, and it is handmade batches by Hoff and Pepper. Six point seven fluid ounces. The back of the bottle, giving nutritional facts, zero calories. zero fat, 3 percent sodium. Lol it says there's 40 servings per bottle, this is like three. It's that good. www.hoffandpepper.com, manufactured in chattanooga tennisee. There's a short writeup from the goonzquad boys, about how they've tackled supercars, trucks, and helecopters, this hoff and pepper sauce is the best of their biz. Dang Sauce is a mashup of chipotle, ancho, red jalapeno, habernero, and fresh lime. The goonzquad boys request that you slather it on your favourite foods, and give them a big 'dang son'. Simeon and Eleazar's signatures are beneath it, and the web address to their youtube and instagram
Just the logo off the bottle. It's that good, I had to have it here somewhere, just that part. It actually didn't look as good up at the top, but... this sauce is SO good, that I didn't want to not use this image, so we put it here. It's that good

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