This page is a very basic layout for one reason... to make it easy and simple to find and look at all of the humorous comics or screenshots from Project Metroid, taken by the users of the program. Due however to various problems with the message board, at this point it's more efficient to just have a link to the topic itself inside of which all of the comics are.

Listed in order of creation:

**Lol, this one comic actually deleted because it was too mean, sorry - Kabutroid**

And the rest were on a message board that no longer exists, sorry :(

**I'm sorry vbub, it was the heart-looking Metroid, the comic was mean. Though that said it will still show up in the app. Ooooohhhhh, extra hidden content :o
Project Metroid

All of the comics made on this page are to be used as seen fit only by Planet Zebeth, Project Metroid, or the creator of the comics themselves.