Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I can't click my metroids they are too fast!

A: Use the included Project Metroid Controller to right click on a metroid.

Q: How do I have more than one metroid?

A: Run the program again to have anothor metroid.

Q: Is there a limit to how many I can have?

A: You can have as many as your system can handle although I believe Project Metroid Controller can only handle the first hundred.

Q: Can I add a sprite or suggest an option?

A: Unfortunately not, the message board and its contacts are no more :(

Q: Why is there so few Metroids and options?

A: Try looking around Planet Zebeth for more Metroids.

Q: What did you mean by that?

A: Dunno, you go look.

Q: Why does my Metroid keep going to one side of the screen or grind along the edge?

A: Because it's a notorious glitch that should have been fixed. It shouldn't do it as of version 2.0.0.

Q: What are Twips?

A: Twips are a kind of measurement used in Project Metroid. Generally there are 15 twips per pixel.

Q: Why Twips?

A: Because I wanted to.

Q: I've seen screen shots showing for example. How do I access it?

A: See question 5.

Q: How good should my system be to run Project Metroid?

A: Good question, I myself am not sure but it was created on a 400MHz windows 98 machine with 128MB of RAM.

Q: What was Project Metroid made in?

A: Project Metroid was made in visual basic version 6.

Q: Visual Basic is crap!

A: Maybe, maybe not, doesen't change the fact it's made in VB.

Q: Can you put my author sprite in the program.

A: Again, unfortunately not. The program is basically stuck how it is at this point.

Q: Why Metroids?

A: Because I like Metroid.

Q: Why Planet Zebeth?

A: Because it's such a good comic. Originally Project Metroid was going to be a screen saver (the beta is on the forums somewhere) then it turned into a simple version where it could move about freely around the screen. Then I decided to develop it further into what it is today.

Q: Why isn't there a custom Metroid mode so we can put in what we like?

A: Because it hasn't been finished, or started for that matter. It really is a good idea, it just can be a bit problematic.

Q: Can I have source code/resource files/sprites/next version please?

A: There are so many ways I could put this... nah hah, nope, no way, not on your life, no chance, and my personal fav; man falling off cliff NNNooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *splat*

Q: Why didn't you just say no?

A: Because i'm having some fun while typing up this FAQ.

Q: Wait a tic this is you writing questions for you?

A: Yeah, pretty much.

Q: Ain't that a bit insane?

A: Maybe.

Q: I think i've seen this before...

A: Maybe you have, maybe not...

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