Version History

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The world hates me.
11:52 PM February 2004

I've been adding more sprites and correcting some names also i've Finally got to the route of the screen gripping problem.

Something hates me.
7:02 PM February 11th 2004

Well i've been doing some more work on it today heres the updates
-Screen gripping fixed
-No drag option added
-More sprites added
-Added quotes thingy

1:50 AM February 12th 2004

Version 2 is completed!
due to virus issues I cannot currently compile the executable but fear not this will be done soon.

Fun Day
6:50 AM February 12th 2004

Well today was fun trying to get on the computers with VB on them was like a game of duck 'n' dodge. heres how it went.

Break starts
Dash down few halls
Go in computer room
Download PrjM code
Run off

Quite fun actually, good thing I know the door code :P

Tis update time!
8:02 PM Febuary 23rd 2004

Inserted a few additional sprites and done some generall fixing up.

It's Even Better!
11:30 PM March 3rd 2004

Revamped the options dialog added more information in the info box.
Theres also a new button labeled extract which will save the currently previewd sprite to a bitmap.
Fixed the annoying bug when entering in a number in one of the text boxes.
Added a million more quotes.
Created a whole new clause for a new sprite.
More things were added but go find the passwords for yourself :P

2:18AM March 5th 2004

Fixed up an error found in 2.2.6 and revamped the password box.

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