Crocomire Hunter

This particular character is a bit of a special case. Appearing fairly early into the comic, Crocomire Hunter (also know as "Crocomire Huntah" in the bonus section) is a tribute to Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, one of the most amazing people ever. One of my earliest Kabucam pics is of his movie :D.

Crocomire Hunter appears human , and seem to be generally friendly to Samus and Kraid... and generally everyone. Since his appearance he has taken to protecting the plants and animals of the planet. His accomplishments include the typical researching and documenting the life of any specimens he comes across, befriending of the Metroid Queen from ZR388 (Ophelia), and obtaining a pet glitch, whom he has dubbed "Gronky".

Upon last check, Crocomire Hunter has been inducted into the Trabnagian tribe, and has begun the great Namebuilding ceremony.