The skin on Geruta can generate fire and radiate the energy inside his body. He's fairly powerful, and has been seen to repel many attacks, and recover from worse ones.

This was once a regular enemy, but was beaten and tortured severely by Samus and Kraid. After going on for quite some time, both being tortured by Samus and Kraid together, but as well by himself in various attempts to commit suicide to end his miserable, painful existance. He still has a well known grudge against Samus, and is constantly plotting her horrible demise. However, that appears to be about as far as most of his plans go. He has however had some progress, in that he has managed to accomplish the killing of Ridley in his own bar. Given his previous attempts, this only goes to show you that over time, anything can be accomplished.

When last seen, he had just finished watching Mother Brain's heart be destroyed by Samus and Kraid, and was at a bit of a loss as to where to go, aside from the bar to drink away that whole 'Mother Brain's heart destroyed' thing.