Kabutroid: aka The Creator

This being is running Planet Zebeth. Her motives, as stated thus far, indicate that she is forging some form of "web comic" product. The power of this product is unknown, and assumed to be greater than that of the Metroids themselves. Her body seems to be the merged forms of that of a Kabutops, and a tiny Metroid. Whether this "Kabu-Troid" in question actually feels pain or not is debatable. She doesn't appear to make many appearances, but will exploit her godlike powers should the need arise.

Her purpose on Planet Zebeth seems fairly clear. To create Planet Zebeth. The origin of the planet's name is indicative of a previous form of Zebes, not unlike the Pangea of Earth. Several questions remain of this creature however, such as 'how does she eat, dress, or type this very page that you're reading'. Yes... this one... the one that just said 'Yes... this one...'. You know, that thing... bah, forget it. Given she's not seen or heard from for long periods of time, one must wonder whether she actually has any impact on the status of Planet Zebeth at all. Although, given that you're currently reading this sentence, it's assumed that things are still being done.

Upon last check, she's been found relaxing periodically with Ridley, and has been otherwise building a blog around the warmth that is Zebeth. This planet is full of many creatures, it shouldn't be an issue if one of them blogs, even if it is Kabutroid.

If you're curious, you can see what happens when Google dreams about Kabutroid. Or watch her roll a yahtzee with 10-sided dice, there's that too (also on YouTube).