Metroid Queen

This minor character was basically transferred from ZR388 to Zebeth accidentally in a fit of Kabutroid's anger. Previously having been thought a violent killing machine, Crocomire Hunter first learns of her gentle nature, and thusly introduces her to society (as much as Ridley's Bar crowd can be considered society). Being of extremely large size, she has thusly become Ridley's bouncer in the bar at this point. It's assumed that the door was temporarily reconstructed (or removed) to allow her initial access to the bar, but it's unknown whether or not she can easily leave without causing unbelievably large amounts of damage. Her real name has been discovered to be Ophelia, and she generally helps out and lives in Ridley's Bar now.

She ran the bar for a while when Ridley was dead/absent, and otherwise was fine going back to enjoying her stay at the bar. It's far more enjoyable than the contained room back on ZR388.