Ridley was the head of Mini-Boss Hideout 2, located in Norfair. His primary attack is the relatively complicated process of jumping up and down and breathing fire. If it helps, it's purple fire, which as we all well know hurts like a bitch. Ridley's appearance into this realm was somewhat sudden and unexpected, when Samus and Kraid found him to be running a bar... seemingly the ONLY bar on Zebeth. While both Samus and Kraid go there, other various minions have been seen frequenting the bar at safer times... like when Samus isn't there. Ridley has definitely calmed down since leaving his mini-boss hideout. It seems the highlights of his job come during special events, such as major hit-counter accomplishments or rare occurrences. The bar is otherwise kept running by his booze-making efforts, and Ophelia's protection. He likes money, which comes in the form of heath points with the centers (pogs) punched out with a stick. The resultant rings remain stable... somehow... and are used as currency.

After having died and re-spawning on ZR388, he's found his way back to his Zebethian bar and enjoys serving the denizins who frequent his establishment. He serves drinks and food, which are well received.