Sybex :: Awww yeahhh, new comics! WOOT! And congrats on on your graduation and 4.0 GPA! That's pretty damn impressive.
Kabutroid :: Thank you ^_^
Kabuto :: Just testing a thing
Kabutroid :: Ok, so just like ignore that thing about needing to contact me for access to the shoutbox, I think we're just down to the entering one character bit there.
Veemo :: I never thought in my life I'd be back on this e-web-worldwide-zone
Kabutroid :: Lol, welcome back!
hax0rjax :: So glad I could help with the computer(s)!
AstroNinja :: i thought the site was dead a few years ago when i could no longer access the old domain but i just found it again when i went to google search it again
Zombie Com :: Simply Epic
Cork :: it's been ages since i was last here. i got nostalgic over the old webcomics i used to read and decided to stop by.
Kabutroid :: Hey there Cork, been a while :D
Another Lynn :: Wow, it's been a LONG time. I was a kid (waaaay too young in retrospect) when I found this webcomic. I have to give your website credit for sending me on a very technical path!
Another Lynn :: Got interested in making my own comics through your site, learned about IRC, ended up talking to people on IRC who were better role models than the adults in my life. Learned that *I* could host the little HTML webpages I wrote in notepad.exe. Even got into Linux. I thought about Zebeth when I had to type fsck for the first time! I owe a lot to finding Zebeth around the age of 7 (but wow lol I was way too young for the humor here)
Another Lynn :: I really appreciate the years (two decades now) of effort you put into this site. I like reading your life updates. And it's a pleasant surprise to learn you're trans too! (I also have a 'Lynn' in my name. Don't wanna dox myself by saying more lol). Anyways, keep being awesome and making good stuff. Excited to see the chainmail works you make in England :)
Kabutroid :: Thank you :D

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