The Staff of Anti-aggression

A white staff with an intricate top
Ok, so this staff came out amazing. I found this staff with an absolutely wonderful intricate head (technically near the base of the sapling, as they're thicker on the top when held, meaning that's actually near the bottom of the tree lol), which is going to hold a stone of Angelite inside of it when I can find the right sized piece. Angelite, a stone of soothing peacefulness, an in this case, anti-aggression.

Y'see, generally all of my staves are staves of kindness, or specifically imbued to send out kindness. This one, I wanted the same thing, but from another direction so to speak, anti-aggression. Basically the same, but rather than adding kindness, it removes aggression, I kinda wanted my staves to cover both sides.

It's also a bit of a Gandalf staff so to speak, because of the top area being designed to hold a stone inside of it. And it looks incredible, we've got little tendrils of wood near the top, opened up to allow light to get through, and shine through the Angelite once one is found. The white lines are very goodness feeling, and the silver line down the back adds to that somehow. Through drying, it ended up splitting down the back there, and rather than fill it in with white, I thought it would look incredible if (after the brunt of the crack was filled with... filler, aka wood glue), the silver line just works somehow. The Staff of Anti-aggression.

More pics to be added once I find a piece of Angelite, of course. I carved the lines more or less at random like always, and yah, just kinda went with what looked good. I had a lot of help here and there from various Deities, the Cree Ancestors, Jesus had an arm in there, Upulnesayay had some pull. So yah, the staff named Kabuto, a gift to me by the Cree Ancestors, WOOOOOOH, thank You friends! I'll keep on chattin' with You as I go and all that stuffs ^_^

Still being worked on once I catch up in England, but I DID find an angelite stone to set in it!

Updates to follow

The head of the staff, still uncarved and just roughly cut. The vinework in the staff is clearly visible.The back of the top of the staff, with more vinework of the trunks of multiple trees growing together.The middle of the staff, with the incredible eyes of the diamond willow wood.
The beginning of the carving, showing the first several swooping lines.The top of the staff, showing the intricate vinework before we carve. The top is a little bit more cleanly cut.The linework beneath the head painted in with white.
Showing more of the white linework, on a white staff. It's very Gandalf feeling, very good aligned.A photo of the staff up in the corner of the bathtub for varnishing, with text saying Video at the top.Kabutroid kneeling in the bathtub with headphones on, praying into the staff.
Showing the back of the staff, where unfortunately the wood had split in the drying process. No, there was nothing spiritual about it. Besides, see next photo.We filled it, with chrome paint actually, it's very shiny. It runs straight through a large eye in the wood, so it looks like a large eye looking at you, with a silver line. Yah, this is me we're talking about, my energy. So it's the most kindest thing ever. Always be kind, don't harm others, my two tenets, so like... well, it's me, and it's pushing anti-aggression, that's this staff's thing. Yah it's got a me in there, it'll be doing the kindest thing possible. Anyways, staff of anti-aggression, awesome stuff.Kabutroid holding a rounded, flat, light blue stone in her hand. It's nicely palm sized, and should fit well in the head of the staff to be visible through all of the openings.
The angelite stone approximately two thirds set into the head of the staff, not quite fitting yet, sitting at a slight angle still and with the top third sticking out above the head of the staff. It's being held overtop of Kabutroid's lap on top of the canvas sheet covered in wood chips and carving tools.

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