Plentiful paraphernalia

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Name: Atlantis - The river beyond

Description: What happens when I thought a Perplexus puzzle would look cool half-filled with water, half-filled with smoke.

Construction: Perplexus puzzle, Torani syrup, glass downstem
Name: Absolente - It's faerlie green

Description: I like absinthe, and this is my favourite one. Ima make a bong outta one :D

Construction: Absente absinthe, 4" brass 1/8" nipple, brass 1/8" MHT x 5/16" FIP hose adapter, brass 5/16" FIP x 3/4" FIP hose adapter
Name: Shanelle - Cute and pink

Description: I love the colour pink, and a friend had given me a bottle of sake that came in a pink bottle. T'was meant to be.

Construction: Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori Sake, 4" brass 1/8" nipple, brass 1/8" MHT x 1/4" FIP hose adapter

Obligatory disclaimer, since I would rather be neither arrested, nor otherwise legally hassled:
Everything seen or mentioned here is to be used for 100% absolutely legal purposes, and are meant to contain absolutely 100% legal substances only. Or maybe just water. Flavoured water.

I've heard sage is supposed to be quite pleasant. Don't take my word though, stay safe and educate yourself on what you're doing and all that :)
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