The D20 holder

A rickety little stand we find

A rickety old D20 holder, and a lamp hangs to guide

You find a small stand in the middle of the wood
Who knows what might happen, why who knows what could
A cute little lantern hangs from the tree
Who knows what it is, let's go up and see
It's surely just fine, let's give it a try
You reach out with your hand, to touch it and...

...Nope, it's fine, it didn't do anything. Huh, just a cool looking thing, cool. Don't worry guys, it's just like I said, it's fine.

A creepy old D20 holder, made in the style of an old swamp hut, protruding from the waters, rickety and worn. The joints really came out well, I had actually coloured the thread a bit with some coffee to make it darker, then kinda ran the thread through a puddle of glue as I was spooling it around the branches. It came out quite nice, with surprisingly good balance. Very sturdy too.

Lol that rhyme, I love subverting this creepy swamp trope. Knowing me, the lantern probably has a heal spell on it XD

Finished December 16, 2021

Kabutroid holding up the stick-based d20 holder over a sheet of blank paper. Showing the holder from another angle, it just looks like a tangle of sticks. Showing it from the top, you can see the triangle that the dice sits in.
Showing the little lantern half-built beside the stand. The stand completed, with little red lamp that's lit hanging down. A closeup of the lamp, showing the orange thread that makes up the flame inside.

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