Any smaller jewellery that doesn't find its way into another part of the site (and even a few that do), I'll post here.

A pair of chainmaille earrings on an orange and yellow stuffie.

A pair of the titled earrings, hanging from an orange and dark orange stuffed snake stuffie. The earrings, hanging from the orange snake stuffie again, mainly looking like dangling tiny rings. A pair of earrings with bird pendants, and little pink beads. A neon pink and silver anklet with high heels. An orbular chainmaille ball hanging from an earring chain. A cascade of smaller rings design.
A blackened chainmaille dangley, with mini scales at the bottom. A shiny silver chainmaille band flows down to a pair of scales. Light pink earrings with a zigzag look. Light pink earrings with a slight spiral. A pair of silver and darker grey chainmaille dragons, on a light beige surface. A string of slowly shrinking rings, with a rose coloured bead in the middle of the upper rings.
A chainmaille anklet made with G S G weave, with scales around the clasp resembling wings. A necklace with the centerpiece being doubles and triplets of gradually growing rings, which then shrink down again on the other side.

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