Celine (a seed pouch)

So I can spread flowers and edible plants as I go

A leather pouch, with a red heart, fringes, and green edging.
This was the very first type of pouch that I wanted to make, a seed pouch. I had been absorbed in indigenous literature, and was reading about how they would carry pouches with seeds in them to go planting. So I wanted one, planting seeds is kinda my thing, whenever I take a tree from the ground, or a flower. And spreading plants as I go, usually edible ones. I want to give the bears and stuff a nice treat, a cabbage or some dill ^_^

And as is my custom, I gave her a soul as well, about 3/4 the way through it. She's gonna help me plant seeds and stuff :D , I always plant seeds where I go. So, I wanted to make an easy way to carry seeds with me when I'm out and about. In comes the leather scraps!

So I put this together over a few days, beading around the edges, picking green to flow with the forest. I liked the dark leather for the outside. As this was my first item to make, I had the 'pick of the leather' so to speak, and didn't actually have to piece this together!

I... can I be honest here? I have no clue if this is a way to do beading, like the heart portion. This was me just winging it and seeing what I could do, literally treating them as pixels. And then I just threaded the beads on in a geometric pattern, and yah, it looked pretty interesting. I knew this wasn't how most beading looked, but I was like a quarter of the way through when I realized that, and just kinda ran with it otherwise. I may stain the sinew red over that, but honestly it doesn't look too bad. It is solid as a rock, I can tell you that. Each bead has like... 3 connections to the leather beneath it. The trees I did in a more traditional (coughpropercough) way, and they came out really good. I also added a moon, because... I just feel associated with the night quite a bit, so we added that onto there.

If it lends any credence to that, I spent New Years of 2020 in a forest lol. So I felt pretty connected with the moon, and howled at her a few times, the Moon Goddess. Anyways, we got a moon on here curved in this specific direction for aesthetic purposes. Y'see, I have no knowledge of the moon phases and which means what, and on the fly... I can't even imagine where I would have to dig to start finding tidbits of info like that, and how it applies to the current situation. So, we reasoned that well... all phases of the moon are good in some way, yes? Alright then, whatever phase this represents, let's take the good stuff from there and imbue it into here.

I'm sure I'm going to look into this at some point in the future, at which point I'll update how it applies ^_^

January 2020
A dark brown leather pouch on a white and red cutting board, a heart interestingly stitched heart, with the beads held flat with 3 strings running through each of them, a fourth wasn't possible, but with a pattern to make sure each bead is held. There's green beads around the lip of the lid and along the bottom, with fringes hanging from the lid and bottom.The back of the pouch, with all three of these photos arranged to resemble a bearded lady, uniquely enough.
The third picture, with the lid open, the green beads all around the outside, and three green trees right in the middle, under the lid, with a waning crescent moon to the lop left of them.

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