A tasteful leather pouch

This just looks kinda nice

A beautiful patchwork leather side pouch, with rustic front flap.
I was just all into making leather pouches around now, and like... this one turned out pretty good. I like the front flap :D

Not much to say, but I have three photos here that I can comment on. I guess I can mention that it doesn't stay closed all that well, if it's holding an appreciable amount of goods. Like... some coinage it should be good, but like, my potions, I can get maybe 3 in there? It's a cute little pouch though ^_^

Fun fact, I'm planning to give this pouch away at some point. When someone shows interest in it in a show, I'm going to I guess go on about that little fact, and ask if they'd like to have it for free.

Like, I wish it could hold more, I really do. Maybe with water soaking? Like deliberate stretching? It'd probably do pretty well there.

Guess we'll see what happens first, because I could see me wearing this to a ren festival, and like.... I may work it in. We'll see, if this page gets updated in a few years ^_^

January 2020
The patchwork leather pouch, with leather strap, laying on a grey carpet, the body made from three different shades of brown, from burgundy to dark brown, and the lid is a flap with naturally and irregularily torn end, and a smaller corner of leather sewn on above it as a tasteful, extra mini flap.
The front of the pouch with the flap open, showing the thick white threading, the irregularily shaped front flap, and the strap knotted into small holes at the corners.The back of the pouch, a single sheet of dark brown, with Kabutroid's signature K . T . at the bottom left.

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