The Tobacco Pouch

An herb sacred to the indigenous people

A tobacco pouch made up of four bands of material, dark green and browns, sitting on a work surface.
So, I wanted to get a tobacco pouch, mainly because tobacco is sacred to the indigenous people of Canada. It is used in almost all ceremonies, as offerings, and for spiritual purposes. I mainly wanted a pouch around so that I could leave offerings of tobacco when I had taken say, a pretty stone or a log from the forest. A four colour leather pouch, with bands from dark green to brown, and black on the bottom as the available pieces I had on hand. The colours worked well together, and gave it a tall appearance, with a light brown drawstring pulled tight at the top.
I had several longer scraps of leather that I could use to make this pouch, so I had it go from dark to light upward. Lol, the striped design, as awesome as it is, was dicated more by the availability of strips than by design.

That said, I love the design :D

January 2020
The pouch sitting open, just showing it off sitting flat, on the work surface, the stitch lines smooth without any puckering. The seams were stitched over twice, as with all of my projects, for added strength.

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