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Kabutroid's drinking problem

And thus... after incuring a huge debt... Kabutroid sets in motion what would become the basis for an EPIC SERIES!!

Or not... actually, I wrote strips 1-8 AFTER I wrote 9-16. Why? Because I had never imagined I'd get my own subsector, and when I did, I decided I needed a series of strips explaining HOW they got the NES in the first place.

Excuse me, Kabutroid, ma'am? It appears you have quite an outstanding debt. Do you think you could pay me some money once in a while? Please don't kill me!
Eh... I don't have any money, but since this is such good stuff... how about a NES and some games?
Is it worth what you owe me? What kind of condition is it in?
Never opened. Was worth quite a bit when I purchased it, too.
But I heard they aren't worth as much anymore...
Fine, I'll give you several copies of each! In case one breaks or something, okay?

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