Warning: data corruption present; avoid encounters with this entity.

The bio-form known as Geruta is very much a mystery. Despite many injuries and disfigurations at the hand of Samus and her allies, he continues to survive. His thirst for vengence now including Samus' son, Sage. He works as both a spy for Mother Brain and as an occasional participant in the schemes of Samus and the others.

Origins: Originally a normal enemy within the Planet Zebeth system files, he was seriously disfigured by Samus and Kraid. He survived, however, and began to hunt down Samus to exact his revenge. Unfortunately for him, his next encounter with her was in the presence of her son, Sage. The end result was Geruta losing yet another limb, which the strangely-coloured lizard stole.

Whereabouts: Geruta can often be found in the company of Mother Brain, but is also known to frequent Ridley's Bar.