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This bio-form is known only as Sage. Though he has been refered to as 'Chibi Kraid' several times, he hotly denies this is his actual name.

Origins: Sage was first encountered by Samus in "strip 31" - error; invalid time stamp - after waking up in Ridley's Storage Room with a wicked hangover from much consumed ethanol. At first it seemed as though Sage was trying to flirt with her, however, it was merely a way gauge her reactions. Sage claims to be the child of Samus and Kraid, created as a result of the "Great Crash" caused when the two murdered Ridley. The death of a major character caused a fatal syntax error loop and the entire system had to be wiped and re-installed immediately... before others suspected outside influence.

Whereabouts: Sage is commonly found within the company of Samus, who is currently hanging around Ridley's Bar.