Planet Zebesu

Warning: alterations of localized space detected.

As Kabutroid had named Planet Zebeth of a previous translation of Zebes, Hiroshi named his program within after the original word itself: Zebesu. Originally nothing more than a codename for what would later become Draconia, it become the name of the "patch" Hiroshi placed to repair the damage done during the "Great Crash" caused by Samus and Kraid.

Draconia is part of the masking program Hiroshi implemented to hide his presence. It is a fully functioning domain like Norfair or Brinstar, though it had no actual connecting areas to any of the other locations. In a moment of cosmic irony, the "Great Crash" caused this once idyllic retreat where Hiroshi could work in peace to become unstable, leading to many seismic disturbances and localized polymorphism of individual regions. The end result was a dangerous labyrinth of confusin, maze-like corridors. Entities that were once thought contained or harmless, were released and now ravage about freely, accosting the unusual variations of normal Zebethian minions which made Draconia their home. To make matters worse, Draconia is no longer sealed off from the rest of the planet, meaning any one of these unknown factors could get loose and cause havoc for the normal citizens of Planet Zebeth. There have even been unconfirmed reports of a gigantic monster terrorizing would-be travelers, although these are unsubstantiated.