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Time Waves

Of course it could have been a super simple fix like replacing a wire.

*trudge trudge walk*
*gasp* I think I fixed it! *pant*
Already? Wow.
Hmmm, it seems fixed. Let's see if my suit will react to it at a-.. oh there it goes! Power Grip? Sounds awesome.
Oooh, try it out Samus!
Uh, I have to have something to.. y'know.. grip too.
Just one thing strikes me as odd. How did you fix this so fast?
I think I told you, I used to do this kind of stuff all the time when I was little.
Yes but.. this is advanced tech you're fixing here.

I guess it just comes naturally. Cause I found it very easy to fix up.
Eh.. I won't question it. Thanks.
Well, we have to get goi-
What the flying fuck was that?!
Ugh.. feel dizzy..
I have a feeling we're either too late, or have to move a helluva lot faster. Let's go. Now.
Yes, now is good.
If you find any more stuff, let me fix it for you. Good luck.

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