Deck of Wonder

The Deck of Many Things v2

The 22 cards for the deck of wonder, splayed out above the instruction card and box.

The Deck of Wonder... the low-level Deck of Many Things, with far lesser consequences, and alternatively, far lesser rewards. But it's perfect for low-level characters, since it won't like... *completely* destroy anything! I mean, we still have Dennis, but like I don't think he'll be needed for this one, the bad effects disappear after a long rest, or you might possibly get poisoned. Like I said, low-level shenanigans! And hey, some of the good results are permanent!

Not to be confused with the Epic Level Deck of Many Things.

But anyways, we need to build one!

As with all of the other multitude of items contained in the book of many things, we first needed to create an instruction page (text version) (thank you wikis!), and write on a handful of cards. 22 again, natch. Unless you have the 13 card version, both drawable below! So anyways, we printed off the instructions in liiiiittle teeny tiny text, modified the box to be thinner, and actually used a spare card to kinda create the face of the box! Also, to kinda pretty up the sides of the box since a large chunk was removed from the middle of the text, we took yet another spare card, and cut a strip out from that to decorate overtop of that, and I've gotta say it looks pretty sweet like this. I like how that came out.

And so, the Deck of Wonder. A curious thing, and interesting thing... a *wondrous* thing.

Created December 26, 2023

Aw yeah you can draw!

Did you want the 13 card version or the 22 card version?
The miniature instruction card, tiny text for all of the cards sized to fit on the face of one of the playing cards. It's sitting on a white cardboard backdrop.Kabutroid holding the box at an angle, showing somewhat the front of the box, one of the playing cards with the pattern sanded away beneath the words deck of wonder, and showing off the side of the box, with a strip of the somewhat star-shaped patterning running up the side.

The 22 cards spread out, above the instruction card and box on a white surface.