My very first TTRPG experience
(before I even knew what a ttrpg was!)

Hero Quest dice, two red pip six sided dice, and four skull, white shield, or black shield six sided dice.
If you're not familiar with HeroQuest, you are missing out my friend. This is a game, very similar to Dungeons & Dragons, that was released in 1989, and was my first TTRPG experience. Earlier to this, my only experience with Dungeons & Dragons was the Intellivision game Treasure of Tarmin! To be honest, at the time I had never known that D&D was a tabletop RPG, or even what a TTRPG was at all! But, sometime in 1989, our mother got my older brother the game HeroQuest, I remember the box being opened, looking at all of the pieces inside, and my younger brother and I quickly being shuffled out of the room by our older brother once he read that some parts are meant to only be seen by Zargon, the gamemaster. Or Morcar, in the UK, but I lived in Canada back then.

I remember it greatly, my younger brother and I splitting up the characters, two apiece. I played the Dwarf and the Wizard, while my brother played the Barbarian and Elf. The spells I had chosen were Fire, Air, and Water, while the Elf had Earth spells.

I don't remember a significant amount about the game past that, aside from hours in the bedroom, Anthrax (of all the music, blame the GM lol) playing in the background, and looking for traps with my Dwarf a whole lot lol. I remember a room that was full of statues, that thankfully didn't all come to life for whatever reason, my brother removing and placing pieces on the board, swapping closed doors for open doors, placing items in a room that we just entered, and marvelling at the sudden appearance of so many incredible things! I remember casting spells, healing our party members, and that NONE OF OUR CHARACTERS DIED, WOOOOH!!! So that was awesome. I remember (looking at them now on the wiki) having healing potions, the potion of defense, heroic brew, Borin's armor, orc's bane, the talisman of lore, the heal body scroll, the courage scroll. SO many memories!

We finished the initial quest, and we had also gotten the add-on quests Kellar's Keep and Return of the Witch Lord, both of which we finished. And then, much to the chagrin of likely every TTRPG collector out there, several if not many of the enemy creature miniatures eventually had their bases carved off, and were attached to our university backpacks and the like, as decorative ornaments that hung there for ages. Ahh, I recall a skeleton, a fimir, and a goblin attached to my bag at one point or another, until general use and throwing the bag around damaged them and they were replaced, with one of those other 3, I can't recall what order I had them in lol. There was two on my bag at one point (I think I went through two fimirs), but yes, this is where several of the miniatures ended up.

And much fun was had, both during the 89/early 90's years, and the late 90's in university where they graced my backpack. My Dwarf and Wizard, the trapfinder and healer of the group, my brother's Barbarian and Elf, the brute force and other healer. It was a good time, and a great start to TTRPG gaming.

Played in 1989 to 1991, with figures worn on my backpack from 1997 to 2002

Added bonus: having no remaining memorabilia of the game in the 2020's, I ordered a set of the dice online in January 2023 for my collection :D

Photo of the HeroQuest box and contents, courtesy of the wiki

HeroQuest dice, with two red number pip dice (showing a 3 and a 2), and four combat dice, showing a skull, two white shields, and one black shield, sitting on a plain white surface.

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