Mountain Dance

The Tabaxi Swarmkeeper Ranger

Mountain Dance magic the gathering card

A character that only got to level 3 before I moved to England (and thus so too did Mountain Dance), she is my Tabaxi swarmkeeper ranger, waiting for her next adventure. A flea-bitten scraggly ol' cat surrounded by flies, horseflies specifically, she is the emblematic snarly ol' alley cat that looks like it might take your face off if you get too close. Also a beekeeper by trade, because if you can have more than one insect around you, why wouldn't you! The horseflies are for attacking though, the honeybees are just friendly little fellas that live in her apiary, and bring in her income by way of delicious honey ^_^

She hasn't had a chance to do too much yet (obviously), but has assisted in clearing out violent goblins that had been plaguing the nearby towns and villages, and to be honest that's about it! Beginning at level 1, she was SO happy when she finally got her swarm, aiding in her being pulled out of melee range from creatures, and adding additional damage in the times when she is caught in melee to begin with. They're basically her melee-help, and also give her the chance of moving the enemy around, lending to battlefield control. Any time you see her, she is invariably surrounded by her swarm of little buzzy-biters, and may offer you honey in her travels!

Created around October 2023

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