Simon and Lotus

Dice are delicious!

Lotus, the demodog, or baby demogorgon, standing near the delicious looking dice, and Simon, the giant housefly, sitting nearby, watching and guarding the dice box
Simon and Lotus, the incredible duo that started their path in February of 2023, inside of my Song-a-day music series. It began as just pondering an amusing little clip of these toys playing with dice, Lotus, the demodog baby demogorgon, eating our dice, and Simon, a giant housefly of approximately the same size, pulling him away to save the dice. The series continued.

Amusingly, a storyline formed! Simon began building a dice tower, and the rascal Lotus came along and knocked it down on him! More storyline formed, it was discovered that Lotus was simply hungry! Awwww, poor little thing, he was just all hungy and needed something to eat, after he started eating one of the character sheets, and Simon in a brilliant move found a scrap sheet of paper for them to eat together! And a friendship was formed.

The playlist continued, it had to! There was more storyline to tell! Lotus began to go after original D&D dice, kept looking, kept snacking! And poor Simon found himself the caretaker, needing to reign in the unruly creature, and keep directing him to the scrap paper pile, their food snacks, inexplicably kept beside the oh-so-delicious looking dice lol. They became pets in the shop, found friends! And the playlist continues, whenever inspiration hits, and I add to it further.

And so, I give you, the full Simon and Lotus playlist, direct video and youtube links to all. Please enjoy, and keep checking back for more Simon and Lotus as they are uploaded!

Episode 1: Simon and Lotus meetYouTube link
Episode 2: Building a dice towerYouTube link
Episode 3: The character sheetYouTube link
Episode 4: Holmes, Moldvay, and Mentzer diceYouTube link
Episode 5: Finding a snackYouTube link
Episode 6: Lotus gets hungry againYouTube link
Episode 7: Simon and Lotus are at it againYouTube link
Episode 8: A card draw today (aka: Inside the shop)YouTube link
Episode 9: Lotus finds a little bit moreYouTube link
Episode 10: Simon, Lotus, and the new dragonsYouTube link

Playlist started February 2, 2023

Simon and Lotus, a giant black housefly toy and a green and red demodog, or baby demogorgon toy, sitting on top of a character sheet for Mountain Dance, a tabaxi swarm ranger.

The full dice collection, with Simon and Lotus seen munching on scrap paper pieces in the middle.

Lotus eyeing the dice inside the dice box, with Simon watching nearby, making sure that nothing happens to the dice.

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