The Dead Arise

A quick-levelling 1-23+ campaign

A skeleton, one of the first creatures that you will find in The Dead Arise. A free-use transparent png of a skeleton holding a sword and shield, with a pauldron and some ragged clothing hanging from the bones.

A quick-levelling campaign, because to be fair, the last campaign I played in we only went up 6 levels in 2.5 years, and I don't want to subject my players to that. Also most campaigns (according to internet lore) only go to level 12 or so. And if people are like me, they want a level 20 character, and may not be able to commit to a multi-year campaign. So let's solve all of that in one fell swoop with a fast levelling campaign. I expect you to be levelling up every other session, and possibly more. Why, more than one level-up after a single session isn't even outside the realm of consideration. We've got a plot, we've got a beginning, we've got an end, and we've got to get you from level 1 to epic level, aw yeah we're going epic! We've got the books, a bbeg, and a pile of dice, let's build this beast! First, a synopsis:

An occasional report, a skeleton walking through a field, or a zombie attacking livestock. It began in the past several months, and reports have been climbing. Beginning in a tavern with your compatriots, you've been pondering whether to leave the daily grind and begin into the adventuring business. Skeletons are reportedly easy to dispatch, and people are paying large sums of money to protect their livelihoods and their property.

Beginning in the city of Waterdeep, your hometown home, you and your compatriots are set to find yourselves on a plane-hopping adventure bringing you from your simple beginnings to epic level heroes of lore. Will you be up to the challenge?

Consider any pages past this a MASSIVE SPOILER, and should you be playing this campaign, please avoid metagaming, or just straight-up avoid clicking on any of the following links until after you've finished the campaign. It really won't help you make the skill checks and such anyway, it'll just yoink away the surprises about cool things that show up. Though if you want to run a plane-jumping undeadfest yourself, feel free to read on for ideas and inspiration ^_^

Massive spoiler-filled synopsis and beginning looseleaf notes

Full campaign details

Documentation begun February 21, 2024

A standing skeleton, wielding a hooked sword and wearing a shield and pauldron, awaits its orders.

The map of the planes, the great wheel of planar cosmology.

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