Vampire the Masquerade

My very first LARPing experience

My Vampire the Masquerade character sheet, four pages detailing my Gangrel.
Natasha Korsikov

A short-played character, but one that was very fun to play, and can now live again! Vampire the Masquerade LARP, they were played for only about five sessions, but it was interesting and unique. We played at the University, this was a year or so after my time, but a friend suggested I try (see allies), and brought me along. Enter Vlademir, later Natasha, the Russian Gangrel (this was before current events, the name was just chosen because it sounded cool), who's clan was pretty much entirely chosen because I didn't want to harm humans, and hey, this clan lets me drink from wild animals and stuff, that's better! Their vague backstory was that they were turned into a vampire in Russia, then travelled to Canada by random adventure, and found their way into Winnipeg's vampire group. And added now, after 17 years in the forests of Canada, they travelled to the UK. Still living in forests. They have the usual Gangrel powers (2e VtM), and leveled up to learn the ability to meld into the earth, which helped them get away from attackers soon after getting it (read on)! And that's about where this character sat back then, the LARP went on hold for a bit, and I was doing other things when they started playing again.

There's several other memories I have from this. I often turned into an owl to give the others I was with a birds-eye view of the area to look for things, and, the creativity of this surprised them, rather than turning back into a human to report what I had found, I just scratched my findings into a guy's arm with my bird claws, since I knew that they would heal that easily anyway! I also play-acted the part, perching on tables and chairs when in bird form, which also entertained the group.

One significant event that happened was, because of something that the others did, people were sent to take out a group of us, including me, and I had to escape. A silenced van was barreling towards me, with, as it was described, no time to jump to either side, so I jumped straight into the windshield, using my feral claws to slice through and plow straight into the driver. The passenger had a flamethrower on them, so since I was currently clawed into the driver's face, I swung him between myself and the flamethrower and the driver was torched instead (poor driver lol). The fear of the fire caused me to gain an animalistic feather feature (later removed by someone with vicissitude/fleshcrafting), I fled from the hood of the van at that point, ran behind a building, and melded into the earth to avoid being found. The pair couldn't find me and eventually left, and I slipped out of the earth again to go and get that feathering taken care of. So that was exciting, and a little bit rough for that one guy lol.

There isn't much more that I can recall, aside from general intrigue and some guy escaping from a tall building that we were in, and me trying to stop them from jumping through the window but missing, one vampire in the group biting another vampire in the group and nobody paying attention to them until like 3 rounds later when general panic broke loose because of it, and me turning into an owl 3 or 4 times. On the current side of things, after emerging from that cave after 17 years, we printed up and bound a VtM book from Drive Thru RPG just have a VtM item in my collection. By random chance, this is a book of converting a character sheet from Vampire the Masquerade to Vampire the Requiem or back and forth, so that works kinda nice for wherever this character may be played next. Not done just yet, because I don't know what version I'll be playing, so I'll hold off on that until I find a UK group to LARP in. At that point expect an update to this page lol.

And so, after a long time spent in forests and caves, first in Canada and now the UK, Natasha Korsikov emerges to LARP again.

Created in 2005, recreated in 2022

The cover of the second edition of the vampire the masquerade core rulebook, a greenish cover with the title, and a red rose laying on the greenish surface.The cover of the second edition gangrel clanbook, showing a vampire perched on top of a brick fence, with the wolf emblem repeated across the black background around the image.

My printout of the vampire translation guide, which shows a hand covered in blood dripping across the green marbled floor.The edge binding of the translation guide, which is alternating red and green string, to match the feel of the gangrel clan.

My character sheets, with talents mainly in alertness and athletics, skills mainly in animal ken, survival, and stealth, and knowledges in investigation and medicine. Three points of Protean, a herd background, and eyes of the beast, feral claws, and earth meld. I have the acute sense and nine lives with none used merits, feral claws as their attack, an ally named Justine, who introduced me to the game, my herd is other forest gangrels, my haven is caves, my background is having been bitten by a random guy in russia, then went to canada, and now went to the uk, my appearance is generally scruffy, and I often turn into an owl. Also there's a very rough sketch of a scruffy looking person sitting on the ground.

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