Enter Luigi

I honestly had no clue what to title this strip. It's all pretty surreal at the moment, seeing as my entire life is basically in the process of being turned entirely upside-down. It's been quite an experience leading up to this point, that's for certain.

If only this new turn in my life didn't start right at the same time as winter. That... I am not looking forward to. Everything else, absolutely. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the hell out of this. Everything is just so... new.

Scraping around on concrete? Been a while, but I'm not unfamiliar with its cold sting. Lesson from my dad, invest in knee pads. He screwed up his knees pretty bad over the years of insulating, so seems like a good piece of advice to take with me.

But yeah... after it was announced we were being laid off, this was essentially my "plan". I would offer my services for free to a plumbing company. The theory was to just be straight with them. "I'm being laid off, and getting into a skilled trade is a smart choice. I have previous construction experience, a variety of tools I've picked up over the years, and would like to job shadow one of your employees for a day to see what I'm getting myself into. I will help out as best I can, do all of the grunt work, be a gopher for the day."

Very thankfully, my father-in-law made a minor change to this plan. Having been in construction for decades as an electrician, he tossed my name around to a plumber he commonly met. Saved me attempting to spit all of that out while likely being nervous as hell, going in cold-turkey. So yay for, well... not nepotism. Connections? Sure, we'll go with that. Wouldn't have minded a connection to some billionaire somewhere, but I'm no stranger to ground floor.

Pay's not bad... bit less than my previous place, so that'll hurt a bit. Shouldn't be a problem though, my wife's also working, and no kids. Got a second cat, but y'know... cats are awesome. Generally cheap, generally maintenance free, nothing but fuzzy love and purring.

SO... let's see where life takes me now. All of that was just hiking to the top of the water slide. 7:30 tomorrow morning, I shove off.

Wonder how many cold winter days it'll take before I regret everything :P

New career step 1: Offer to job-shadow for free
Ok, I need you to Jackhammer around that pipe, then saw the head off with a reciprocating saw.
Sounds good, where's the jackhammer?
...No questions about how to use any of that?
Nah, I got it.
Step 2: Show competence
Well, that's... exactly what I wanted. And... did you clean the area too?
Yeah, it's a personal thing of mine that I always try to clean as I go.
I like where this is going.
Step 3: Graciousness
Hey man, thanks for giving me the opportunity to job shadow and see what I'm getting into.
When can you start, and please say 'now'.
It'll be a few weeks yet, I want to stay until the layoff to get my severance pay.
Step 4: Paperwork
Guess who gets to write down their address far more times than is necessary, then read and sign a book worth of legal documents?
Umm... someone not me?
Ooohh, SO close.
Tomorrow, I begin.

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