Planet Zebeth
A cute Metroid
Planet Zebeth in purple neon capital letters, with characters from the comic set behind them. Curious...

September 7, 2023
Page updates and game progress
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Kraid saying Zebeth, where I'm all awesome and stuff, and a first and home button. A yellow double arrow left button with a green border. A yellow house button with a green border. Samus jumping left Samus running left Samus crouching Samus upside down Kabutroid saying The story of my life, with a first and home button. A green double arrow left button with a chartreuse border. A green house button with a chartreuse border. Current Real Zebeth comic, click for direct page with text. A large blue bird with red frills.A large white dragon.

Blue tile border
Top of a Zeebetite
Metroid Generator

Large rocky ceiling creature with the letter B

Chozo item A Chozo item C

Chozo item D Chozo item F

Chozo item HChozo item I Chozo item L

Chozo item P Chozo item S

A floor creature mirrored to the ceiling with the letters P R J M

A rocky clump of three links. Bluish clumpReddish clump Yellowish clump

A blue rocky structure that looks like an eye

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Rocky formation that says Paypal
The words of Kabutroid

Click for comic page WOOH, we've got another few updates a-happening here! The game progresses, the ENTIRETY of the windmill structure itself is built, the index and menu pages are for all intents and purposes finalized, and the next stage is implementing the items... the final step. You can check out the demo here, and I will keep you updated on progress.

The game is now has 745 hours of work put into it, as of typing this. Yah, this is a big'n. AND IT'S NEARING COMPLETION!!!

Aside from that, we've got a few updates to the Fly Chronicles and also my Spiritual wear, several more pendants to represent important Spirits to myself.

So yah, progress is happening! I've been basically asleep for the past month because of paperwork stresses (all done now), so we can start moving forward again!

Kabutroid and Abby

Bottom of the Zeebetite border
Blue floor

Sprites from Metroid created by Nintendo, and sprites from other games created by their respective companies. Comic ideas and some sprites created by me, KatieLynne Jackson (also known as Kabutroid). Bonus thanks to Niklas Janssen for the coding of the roaming Metroids, which I've modified to fit Planet Zebeth.