Out of the blue

Ahh, felt good to get that off my chest. I can't even recall offhand how it came up, but yeah... from everyone elses perspective, all of this is completely outta the blue. Guess I never really addressed that (not that I particularly need to, but again, gets it off my chest). "The haters", as it were.

So... yeah, the comic pretty much tells it like it is. That's why nobody knew until now. So now y'know :P

That aside, they finally coughed up my EI. Had to jump through a half-dozen hoops for 'em, but I'll hesitate on bitching about 'em for the moment, since they need a whole bitching or two on their own. At least I can pay rent now, so there's that :)

On a completely random shoutout, WOOH, THANKS Wei-Hwa, you're awesome :D

Nothing much of interest happening otherwise. More gold shares than physical gold by far, economy's still shit, all that's still happening. It's a slow process, but the very large dominoes have been falling. If people are smart, they shoulda pulled their gold if they can, otherwise, it's just... waiting. It feels like the lull before the storm, doesn't it?

Society, that is. Everything is just kinda... holding its breath. At least in all of the communication circles that I seem to travel. Clearly I need to be hanging out with people that are more active or familiar with the massive, horrifically gross inequality between the upper caste and the peasants. Those with their heads high enough above water may not notice as much, but a looooootta people do. And I hope that every single time one of you rich bastards goes to a grocery store, you cringe at the price of food. I hope you cringe, and feel a little bit of bile come up when you buy that horrifically overpriced steak, or whatever luxury item you're indulging in.

Take a bag of chips. Did you know that just a few years ago, a bag of chips used to be HALF that price? You seen your paycheque rise in a similar manner? Buying a lot less luxury items lately, aren't you? Or are you that high enough above water that you can throw your wallet at just about anything you could desire, and barely feel a twinge of guilt?

How about throwing it at Thingies and Stuff :D

Scale Dicepurse now available.

On a related note, WOOH, I made a new dicebag, that ended up becoming a dicepurse :D

The video's being shitty though. I don't have the... whatever fancy software to process giant-ass video files, so I'm trying to re-save this lower quality or something. I *really* didn't want to break it into multiple video files and make a playlist... that doesn't well-enough convey the length of time needed to make it. I wanted that number of hours visible right off-the-hop, never mind requiring others to add numbers together. It exists more or less as irrefutable proof of labour, and due to computer issues I already lost the last 7 hours of video for this thing. I've still got the first 15 backed up though, and the music video uses the full length, so that at least lets one extrapolate.

I'm also fully aware that it's HIGHLY unlikely that anyone would ever watch it one way or the other. That's not the point. People nowadays (in another wide-sweeping generalization) seem to have no idea how long things take to make. We live in a world of instant, where anything you buy is either horrifically overpriced machine-extruded plastic, or horrifically underpriced slave-labour built products. Seems society forgot that there was a difference.

Aaaahaha, yes Petraeus, roll out the Banelings!
*StarCraft sounds*
Hey Kabs, got another question for you about the genderfluid thing.
Now... I've known you for a long time, and this whole genderfluid thing just kinda came out of left field. What's up with that?
Funny you should ask, that subject happened to come up just recently.
*quiet commentary*
Nobody has ever known any of this about me, because I have been very, very careful when hiding it. For the most part, it remained hidden in a small metal box, deep in a hard-to-reach corner of the closet. A corner only I could reach.
*stand* Oh, so you could jus-
And then I would wait. Months, and months I would wait, until I had *just* enough time alone to be able to retrieve it. A bra, a shirt, some makeup and jewellery, all scaveneged or bought with cash. For months, I would wait for a blessed few hours to be able to feel like a girl.

I'd kept this hidden my entire life, having no idea what was wrong with me. I needed SOMETHING feminine. SOME chance to feel how I wanted to feel. But what would anyone think if they walked into my room, and saw me dressed as a girl? They would look at me shocked, maybe appalled.
*zergling rush*
Or would they laugh hysterically? Some beareded guy, wearing shabby, non-fitting, non-matching women's clothing, wearing makeup, terrified that he's been seen in front of you. Say it's a friend, or a brother. Or anyone you know. What do you do? I was terrified of learning the answers to that.
I already thought something was terribly wrong with me. It comes and goes, it makes no sense... I was TERRIFIED of being laughed at, or looked at like I was broken, or some bizarre weirdo. It's not like *I* could explain it... I NEEDED to wear it, and I had no idea why. So I hid it from everyone.
*OMG mutalisks!*
Aren't those types just going to look at you like you're some broken weirdo now anyway?
Pfft, probably, I don't care. I found out what was up with it to begin with, they don't wanna believe me, that's their problem. Funny how knowledge and research helps you not care.
And answer questions!

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