Million Mask March 2015

So, that was interesting. As I said, I've only started hearing about this Million Mask March this year. It seems I've unfortunately lived a very sheltered life, growing up out in the country, then being jammed right into being the perfect battery for the corporate machine. Don't get me started on all that, there's rants aplenty.

There's info about the CFS and aboriginal women issues online... it's much larger than the news makes it out to be, I assure you. The mass media is completely controlled by a tiny handfull of corporations, remember? They don't report on the actual, serious problems with the earth. Keep the people stupid with mindless entertainment and dead inside from poverty.

I still can't possibly understand how when anyone says the minimum wage isn't even remotely close to acceptable, they scoff at it completely. This is because the only people I really talk to are the successful ones... like all of my friends and family. I'm just the lucky girl that didn't get promotions her entire life, and kept getting laid off time and time again.

Y'know what I think it is? I think people have no idea how many people are on earth, or in the country, or in their own city. Oh sure, they can look up the numbers. Hundreds of thousands, or millions or whatever. But it's a meaningless number. You go to and from work, see more or less the same people every day, and you're chained either to your office, or to your home, because EVERYTHING COSTS TOO MUCH, AND EVERYONE'S TOO POOR! Everyone's kept in their little bubbles, while millions of people are dying beneath them.

And then they defend the banks. It makes no sense to me.

Where was I? OH YEAH, Million Mask March.

Yeah, it was cold and wet all day, and most people that knew about it worked most of the day. So there was like... 30 of us by the end, but on this shitty a day, I wasn't surprised. The Facebook page had over 400 'likes', but y'know... shitty day, and people are lazy from modern convenience. Or they forgot. Because no news sources reported on it whatsoever... they never really do report on any of these protests. These people have been in front of our Legislature building for MONTHS! Because massive problems are being ignored, and everyone is kept in the dark. I was there all day, anyway. As I said, sat around a fire with people, chatted about the various issues with the government and economic system, then eventually towards evening when the group was about as bit as the weather was gonna allow, we marched around downtown (see Kabucam), and I bussed home. Very quiet and low-key, and like I said... completely uncovered by any media whatsoever. Just like those protests outside the Legislature building. Just a police car driving by every so often to hassle them.

I really wish the proles would wake up already.


So hey, I checked out that Million Mask March this year. To be honest, I'd never even heard of it before a few months ago. I enjoyed it. -MATHEMATICALLY UNSUSTAINABLE-
Not much happened in my city... I mainly sat around a fire and chatted with friends about the CFS and missing aboriginal women problems that are being ignored. There's kinda a variety of ongoing protests happening these days.
There WAS indeed a Million ask March, where we marched downtown with the masks, and I had my sign here. It was cold, dark, and wet out, so I bussed home at that point. I'm about as much of a pacifist as they get, so I wished 'em luck and headed home. It felt good to add my support.
Because y'know, the entire monetary system is a corrupt pyramid scheme, so there's no money for helping actual people, just banks. In case you haven't noticed. It's... quite blindingly obvious, really. If you try looking down and see the millions poorer than you, it's not hard.

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