"Art". What kinda update title is that, anyway? I dunno, maybe it's just the single-syllable thing, but it looks pretentious, up there all... three letters long and stuff.

But yes... art. I'm pretty sure I've brought it up in the past as well, but it's been solidified in my mind more thoroughly over the past while. Yep... the reason I get out of bed in the morning and go to work for 8 hours of should-be-obsolete computer-drone number-punching, is so that I can keep making stuff (Thingies and Stuff in fact). The livestreaming of the beading is free obviously, as is more or less most things revolving around me. I don't really hold back or charge for my efforts most of the time, as long as they're appreciated.

That said, there'd be a lot more time for these efforts (and the resulting art) if the economy weren't the horrific trainwreck of a travesty of mathematical abomination. I livestreamed my solution to the economy (available in image format). So yeah, for the purposes of I-think-it's-illegal-to-advocate-a-bank-run, I'm not advocating a bank run, but I'm just saying it'd be wise to put your spare finances (again, I know, shit economy, who has spare finances, but still...). And I mean, you can make a Bitcoin wallet here, and add to it here. Pretty easy, and you can even just throw 5 bucks or whatever on there, at least get your foot in the door.

And gold or silver you'd normally just ask a bank teller to make paperwork happen and a few days later walk home with lumps of metal, but silver might be your only bet that way. Y'know, google it and stuff. Cash is always useful for the immediacy, and I've found that a lot of places appreciate the use of cash rather than cards, so it's win-win.

Buy like... nothing except the bare essentials if you have the willpower for it. Debt-creation is basically running this ship, so create as little fresh debt as possible. Only one person and all that, but it's good discipline if nothing else. I've been saying something "noticeable" would happen in 2016, I'm seeing a handful of other people predicting something happening this year. Record debt everywhere (I still laugh at the 19 trillion thing), riots and protests surrounding everything regarding the US election, #OpIcarus happening, and the general dominoes that have been Greece, China's stock market, oil prices, and all that such.

Can't predict the future and all that, but all unbacked fiat currencies in the history of the human race have collapsed. Just sayin'.

So hey, life and stuff! Been pretty quiet on the website, but been pretty busy in meatspace. Lotta work, lotta red tape, lotta coffee, lotta art.
I've definitely found my true calling in life... my art. I came to the realization a while ago that I work for 8 hours, commute for 2, eat and laundry and all that, so that I can bead for 1.
And y'know, chainmailling and whittling and all that, that's what gets me outta bed in the morning. Now I just gotta survive until y'know... the economy happens.
Yeah, all that. There's a reason I still mostly only eat boiled cabbage. Just tossin' out there again, Bitcoin, gold, silver, hell, cash for daily stuff. Just highly recommending putting your eggs in as many non-fiat baskets as you're able to is all.

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