Busy busy busy

The paperwork. The paperwork never ends. And just when you think you've caught up on a bit of it, some arbitrary issue comes up with one of the things that you're chasing down, and you need to make phone calls, or schedule appointments, or otherwise go about some onerous task of running down a rabbit hole to finish this one piece of paperwork. It should have taken fifteen minutes, but noooo, it now needs several hours of travel and booked appointments with people to get something silly like a stamp. We're in the age of the internet, how is it that paperwork can consume this much time any more?!? Holy heavens... whatever it is that is holding it back, let's get on the technology train already. Name changes and address changes. There should be exactly ONE (1) site that I visit to submit this update, and then ALL companies and organizations have the update. Taxes. You have all of this already government, just... process the numbers. Why are you relying on us to buy software and type in T4 information and all of that when the companies already send it to you? In some countries (I can't recall which, but Finland comes to mind for some reason), people don't even submit their taxes, it's just... done. They've embraced the digital world, why can't we? Bah, I could prattle. I'm just saying that we should be far further along with using the digital age to enhance our lives.

That miniature rant out of the way (I really don't like paperwork), I've started working at a convenience store. So far they mostly have me working in the back at the deep-fryer. The work is a bit greasy, but I'm kept quite busy and it's actually enjoyable. I roll chicken in breading, I toss it in the deep-fryer (seems a bit like I work at Ridley's), I check the temperature, I keep things clean, I make sure the stock is full for the next shift... it's fun. I dunno, I think I just like menial work. It's minimum wage though (no big surprise there), and part time, so I'm just kinda scratching by. It's better than zero though, and I'm learning a lot. I've worked at the front as well, serving customers, working the register, cleaning up displays, making coffee, those kinds of things. And sweeping and mopping, arguably my favourite parts. I really do love cleaning, it's just my nature. So yeah, a good learning experience that will help out in the future, wherever it should take me. A lot of retail skills that could come in handy.

I haven't had much in the way of free time as of the past bit, but my mind has been wandering back towards my art. I was fortunate enough to perform my "Abruptney Spears" performance on stage this year. DJ Zlatan has told me that he wants me to perform again in several months, so I've been looking for another recut song that I could make. I have several ideas for what the first portion of the performance would be... either Nothing compares 2 U by Sinéad O'Connor or Can't get you out of my head by Kylie Minogue. I'm not entirely sure what to transition them to, but somewhere I wouldn't mind using the "slaves shall serve" part from Behemoth - Slaves shall serve. It's still a work very early in progress, but I would love to have two or three different 'Abruptney' performances that I could do. Or heck, a whole lot of them, it's so fun! Just... the sudden transition from a slow pop song to screaming lyrics from black or death metal. Slowly over time. I'm still making my dragons when I can, but goodness this past while, where to find the time? I need a solid two hours to really make a good dent in a new dragon (or work on the poor partially finished one that's still sitting nearby), and finding that kind of spare time is near impossible these days. I'm hoping that once the paperwork clears up though that I will have more time for that. After college starts though... we'll see how that goes. What spare time I do have between classes and work will probably be filled with homework, studying, or trying to shoehorn in things like grocery shopping, visiting the food bank, or doing chores like laundry and cleaning.

There's going to be a lot happening this year. Hopefully I do well in my studies, the most important of the variety of things.

Oh, and I've been featured in the community spotlight on Shinesparkers! You can check out the spotlight here. It was amazing to be asked to be highlighted by them, so please enjoy.

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Holy heavens but there's a lot of paperwork in my life right now. The college needs student aid and immunization forms, other funding forms, tax paperwork, other arbitrary things. There are some days when I *literally* surround myself in papers and binders, making sense of it and trying to get it all organized and completed.
Most of that is completed though, which is a good weight off my shoulders. Taxes are next, but given that my business venture lost money last year, I've yet to figure that part out. All in time though, I'm quickly getting through the pile.
Other good news though! I've found employment working at a convenience store! I plan to attend college in the morning and work in the evenings, so hopefully I do well with that. Time will tell on that front. The work is decent and enjoyable. I figure it will be good training, learning most of what's needed to run a convenience store.
So yes, busy busy busy these days, and once college starts it will only get busier. A hectic year, but I will hopefully find a good rhythm and make it through. Wish me good luck!

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