Oh my goodness, forever and a day we waited. It was painful, and we slept. You've probably noticed the lack of updates for the past several years... we were asleep, hibernating. Going to work, and waiting for documents. I simply didn't haVe the heart to update while waiting, my heart was waiting with Abby's.

And then, one Friday... the email came in. The processed (PROCESSED!!!) visa has been received at the visa application center. It is in the mail. IT IS IN THE MAIL!!!

And so I watched those mail trucks like a hawk. Saturday, Sunday, I doubted it would for some reason come in on a weekend, but I watched anyway. I was a fixture at that window, just staring. I ate at that window! On Monday... it arrived.

My hands were shaking as I opened the package. And there it was, completed, ready and waiting. All it needed was a plane ticket. And technically two days before it was valid to fly with. And so... a sweat lodge.

I was tempted to fly out immediately on Wednesday, the first day we could, but we had to work both around Abby's schedule, and well, pretty much that lol. It would end up being about a week, during which I visited my friends, family (through video chat, a snowstorm stopped them from coming in), and to travel north for one last sweat lodge. And of course Abby and I were messaging back and forth constantly through this. We messaged constantly through all of it, but even moreso in the days leading up to the flight.

And then... April 7th... we were together ❤

We've barely been out of contact, constantly holding eachother, keeping in contact. I don't think we can sit beside eachother without one of us making sure our leg or arm is touching in some manner. It's wonderful.

More updates will come over time, I've still been here barely two weeks, so give us some time to finish cuddling lol. Even as I type this, my leg has to be touching her, the telly on in the background.

We'll keep you posted everyone! The hibernation period is over, and life can begin again ❤❤

Kitty & Abby

Oh my goodness, finally and at long last, my love and I are finally together again! It has been a very long wait, but everything has gone through, and I am in England with her again!
So finally we can be together, and wrap eachother in eachother's arms, and fall asleep together, and we could get sappy for like an hour and a half here, but you get the idea.
It's so wonderful, and we just had to announce it. Everything is moved, we're together, and love eachother more than anything. Just... beautiful.
So, we will upgrade the room in here in a bit, but we just had to get the word out. EVERYTHING CAME IN, AND WE'RE TOGETHER IN ENGLAND AGAIN!

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