The Windmill is complete!

EDIT: D&D stat block is complete!!! Check it out here, or the html version here! Pic of monster inside tho, so heads up!
YAAAAAAAAS! After an incredibly long 817 hours, after countless game notes and mental contemplations, THE WINDMILL is complete!!!! Oh my goodness, go and check it out if you can, it works on any PC and most mobile phones, it's a point and click horror suspense game. You see an old, abandoned windmill in the distance. The curious sort, you check it out. What will happen inside?

So yes, it has taken SUCH a long time. 75,531 files, you read that right, over seventy five thousand files in size! To be fair though, each "object" needs its own folder containing the game, and each folder has minor differences and connections between the two... the only way to have it be functional entirely in html. Now, each folder starts as 2119 files in number, meaning that I had to create, draw, and code each and every one of those 2119 files directly, after which the modifications were made to each item folder. It was... an incredible slog, with many 12 hour days put into it, tons of testing, and planning and plotting and contemplating and creating. And then... it was complete.

And the windmill monster... it roams within.

Check out some screenshots from the game. It's pretty cool, it's pretty atmospheric, and I'm pretty proud of it ^_^

Click here to play it!


Yaaaahahahahahahas! At long last, at LONG last, THE WINDMILL is complete! 817 hours, I repeat, 817 hours of work, 75531 total files, 365 megs, and it is complete! Every line of code, DONE!
Nine months, incredibly, nine months to give birth to this... horrific creature, who we will keep hidden for the time being so that you can be surprised.
So yes, what has been, by far, my longest art project to date... is complete! Go and check it out in the AD&D section, or just click here to go there now! OOHHHH, this has been a wonderful journey to build.
And sit around on the menu screen for a few seconds to see added bonus content! All kinds of lore, how to build your own floors, and even progress game notes are hidden in there! Go check it out, and give it a try everyone!

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's free and stuff.
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