Secret Zone

Well well well... it's been a while since I've seen anyone around. Then again, I'm the most recently created secret as of... well, 9:30 am, Dec. 9/04 anyway. What lies in THIS particular secret? Well... I'm actually kinda starting to run low on stuff to put in here, so I'll put... something that most people probably didn't expect to find in a secret such as this.

I give you... the definition of, as well as not one, but TWO versions of the correct pronunciation of the term "BAAAALGALGLAGLALGLAGLALGLALAA". Note the definition of said word:

BAAAALGALGLAGLALGLAGLALGLALAA (approximation - spelling can be near random - only requirement is that it starts with BAA and ends with LAA and middle contains only G, A, or L) - gutteral rambling

audible example 1
audible example 2

Used in conjunction with the shaking of a shaman-stick, or pretending thereto. General purpose is to have the look of temporary insanity. Also may be used in conjunction with opening eyes really really wide.