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Chapter 11: The Angel of Death

After a long, much needed sleep, Eric awoke to the sunlight shining directly into his eyes. Attempting to roll out of the way of the beam of light, he turned over and jammed his head under the covers. Soon realizing that he would never get back to sleep, he reluctantly decided to get up. Dragging himself to his feet, he looked over, seeing that Jane was no longer in bed. He wandered back downstairs, dragging his backpack behind him. Jane was seated at the pokecenter healing counter, chatting with the attendant.

"When'd you get up?", asked Eric, dragging his feet over towards Jane.

"Somewhere around 9:30.", said Jane. "Jeze, you slept in long."

Eric looked at his watch. It was already 10:50.

"Aw cripes.", mumbled Eric. "Missed the best time to battle trainers."

"How's that?", asked Jane, intrigued.

"My theory is," began Eric, "that the trainers are too tired to think properly in the morning, and hence make stupid mistakes when fighting."

"Interesting theory.", replied Jane. "Course, what happens if they're not tired, but you are?"

"I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.", said Eric. "Nonetheless, methinks it's time to teach the next gym leader a lesson."

Grabbing a quick bite to eat (pizza pop, microwaved), they headed out towards the bushes that stopped them from entering the gym. Suddenly, from somewhere beside them, they heard a distinct song.

"Prepare for doom."

"Or leave the room."

"For the love of God make it stop!", shouted Eric.

"To unite evil in all it's glory."

"To destroy good in some way gory."

"Can't ya at least change your song lyrics once in a while?", asked Jane angrily.

"If you don't like it, T.S.", replied Jamie.

"To steal Pokemon for no good reason."

"To commit ourselves to things like treason."



"Team Ricochet blasts off out of sight."

"Squirt, that's right."

"Well, there's something I definitely want to blast around here.", mumbled Eric.

"Pipe up.", said Squirt. "It's high time we simply beat your Pokemon out of you."

"Pfft, yeah, that'll happen.", said Eric, grabbing Florin's pokeball.

"Team Ricochet... if I could only get you alone sometime!", said Jane, already enraged.

"Then what would you do?", said Squirt, taunting her, attempting to make her spill her secret.

"Hell, the same thing I'd do.", said Eric, smacking his fist into his other hand. "However, Florin, do your stuff!"

"Ivy-ivysaur!", said Florin, flying out of his pokeball and landing in front of Team Ricochet.

"Go Poliwhirl!", shouted Jamie. With a flash, the Poliwhirl landed in front of Florin, already in battle stance.

"Go Magmar!", shouted Joseph. "This guy will toast your Florin to nothing but ashes!"

"Oh, no it won't!", said Jane, pulling out Inferno's pokeball. "Inferno, burn that Magmar before it can do squat!"

Jane was trying hard to hold in her rage for Team Ricochet. If she let Pinsir out, who knows what might happen. It may attack someone in front of Eric, or even Eric himself. She figured it would be best if Pinsir was kept in the dark for a while. In the meantime, Inferno had flown out of his pokeball and had just used flamethrower on the Magmar, which fell back, injured.

"Char-charm.", said Inferno, quite proud of himself.

"Sweet.", said Eric as the Magmar took its attention off of Florin, who had just razor-leafed the Poliwhirl into submission.

"Damnit... that was fast.", said Jamie, recalling her Poliwhirl.

"You fucking slut.", said Joseph. "Maybe I should set my Magmar on you instead... cut out the middle man."

"I'm warning you.", muttered Jane, breathing deeply through her clenched teeth. "You don't want to push me too far."

"Why not?", asked Squirt. "You'll pull out your Pinsir?"

"No, I'll...", started Jane, crouching down. "Throw a rock at your fucking head!"

Jane threw the rock directly towards Squirt, who ducked into his shell as the rock merely bounced harmlessly away. She couldn't stand the thought of Eric learning about Pinsir. Eric was however currently in the process of calling back Florin to notice.

"Hah!", laughed Joseph. "Can't even hurt a turtle. Not only are you a whore, but your weak as...", started Joseph, laughing.

"FUCK YOU!", screamed Jane, picking up a large, sharp rock. "I'M GOING TO FUCKING SLICE YOUR HEAD OFF, YOU FUCKING SON OF A FUCK!"

"Woah, Jane, ease up a little.", said Eric, stepping towards Jane. "Just insult him back and all will..."

"DIE!", shouted Jane, lunging towards the laughing Joseph. Seeing her charge him, Joseph quickly spun out of the way. Jane quickly turned around and lunged again. Joseph, however, had not had time to turn around. As he spun to face Jane, the rock's jagged edge sliced deep into his left arm. Blood spurted out of the wound, soaking his shirt red.

"FUCK!", shouted Joseph in pain, clenching his right hand over the wound.

"JANE!", shouted Eric, running towards her in an attempt to stop her rampage.

Jane was now in a violent rage, fueled by the Team Ricochet's insults. She swung around angrily towards Eric's voice. Eric saw this, and quickly ducked to avoid any damage. The stone however managed to shred through Eric's shirt and slice lightly into the skin on his back.

"Damnit!", shouted Eric, rolling out of the way.

"Eric, I'm sorry!", said Jane, suddenly dropping the stone and stepping over to where Eric had rolled. She didn't really mean to hurt him. She just couldn't control her actions right then. Tearing off a piece of her shirt, she began to dab up some of the blood that had begun to run down Eric's back.

"Damnit, damnit, damnit!", said Eric, trying to get up.

"Fuck man, let's get outta here.", said Joseph, still clutching his arm. Jamie picked up his pokeball, which had dropped when his arm was cut. She recalled Magmar and started off after the others, which had already begun to leave. Squirt seemed not to notice that Joseph was injured, but seemed to almost be laughing as he turned and ran. Joseph had by now managed to tear off a strip of his shirt and tourniquet off his arm. Blood had poured down his side, drenching his shirt and jeans. The loss of blood and shock of being cut made him dizzy, as he nearly fell when trying to run. Blood stood in small pools, slowly flowing down the slight incline towards Eric's feet.

Jane was now applying pressure to Eric's back. She swore to herself that she must never let that happen again. Not only had she lashed out at someone in front of Eric, but she had accidentally injured Eric in the process.

"Jesus fucking Christ!", said Eric, trying to stand up again. "What the fuck is the matter with you? Are you fucking insane?!?"

"I'm so sorry Eric.", started Jane. "I was so mad at them, I didn't notice that you were there."

"Well watch it god damnit!", said Eric. "Why the hell did you get so mad in the first fucking place?"

"I can't really explain.", said Jane. "It's a very personal matter they were attacking, and I just couldn't hold back."

"Personal.", muttered Eric. "Guess I can't argue too much with that. Lucky fucking thing you didn't cut me deeper or I'd do you in myself."

"I can't blame you for being mad.", said Jane. "I promise it won't happen again."

"S'allright, it'll heal.", said Eric angrily. "Only a scratch. Let's just go put some tape or something over it so it won't stain any of my other clothes here."

After a quick trip back to the pokecenter for some packaging tape, Eric covered his wound and put on a different shirt. With that, they returned to the bush blocking them from the next gym. As they looked around, Jane's bloody stone was lying on the ground, the blood starting to coagulate over its surface. Random spots of blood were spattered around on the dirt from where Joseph took his hand off his shoulder. Jane kicked the stone as hard as she could, watching it sail into some nearby trees. If she hadn't found that stone, all of this might have been avoided.

"Well, let's get my Nidoran to cut down this bush here and let us in.", said Eric, pulling Nidoran's pokeball from his backpack.

"Ah, fucking damnit.", mumbled Eric as the backpack jiggled over his cut. Jane merely had another 'I'm sorry' look in her eyes. He didn't care. He was beginning to regret having her along, even if only for company.

"Nid-nidoran.", said Nidoran, popping out of his pokeball. Quickly, he took one look at the bush and shredded it down in one fell swipe.

"Back little fella.", said Eric as he kicked the broken and cut branches out of the way.

As they walked inside the gym, they noticed a large pile of garbage cans set up very symmetrically. Shrugging, he walked past them towards one of the trainers that were standing about.

"Sure you got enough garbage cans in here?", asked Eric.

"That a challenge?", asked the trainer.

"...Sure, why not?", said Eric, pulling out his Nidoran male again.

"Go Nidoran!", said Eric, tossing the pokeball to the ground.

"Ni-nidoran.", said the Nidoran, looking for his next fight.

"Aw cripes... ground type... that's just what I need.", said the trainer. "Well, I've got one Pokemon with a normal attack... let's see what he can do. Go Pikachu!"

"What's he got?", asked Eric.

"Quick attack. Let's see how much damage it does.", said the trainer.

"Nidoran, get a cut in first!", shouted Eric quickly.

"Nid-nidor.", said the Nidoran, swinging as much weight as he could towards the yellow rat. His attack struck hard, but the Pikachu was still pretty strong. After all, the Nidoran was still lower level.

"Pika.", said the Pikachu, quickly attacking the Nidoran back. The Nidoran took the hit and fell back. He struggled to his feet again and stood ready.

"Stubborn little puke, ain't he?", said the trainer.

"Is it my imagination, or is everyone in this town a jackass?", mumbled Eric. "Nidoran, try cut again."

"Jackass?", said the trainer, taking his mind off the battle. The Pikachu looked back at his master, wondering what just happened, when the Nidoran's attack struck extremely hard into his side (critical hit). The Pikachu fell to his knees and finally onto his side. He was out for the count.

"Aw, crap.", said the trainer, looking back to the now finished fight. "I gotta pay attention better."

"Damn straight.", said Eric, calling back the Nidoran. "Anyway, can you tell me what's with the garbage cans now?"

"Ah, might as well.", started the trainer. "Lieutenant Surge likes puzzle kinda things, so there's two switches in this room hidden under the garbage cans. Have fun finding them. Most trainers just forget which ones they've already checked." *

"That's easy enough to get around.", said Eric, kicking over one of the garbage cans.

"Uhh, I don't think Lieutenant Surge will like that.", said the trainer.

"Well nuts to him.", replied Eric, kicking over another one. This made him feel much better. He's been wanting to work off some steam after Jane had raked that stone across his back. Three garbage cans later, he found one of the switches. Kicking it on, he began his search for the other one. Another seven garbage cans later, the second one was found. Upon kicking it on as well, he and Jane turned to the side at the sound of the main doors opening to the Lieutenant's room.

Walking into the room, they heard a voice from a dark corner.

"Was it you who was making a mess of my gym?", asked the man.

"Just admit you like to get people to leave out of frustration because your scared to fight them.", taunted Eric.

"I resent that.", said the man, stepping into the light.

"BILL?!?", shouted Eric, seeing the familiar face.

"Hey, your that idiot from the cruise, right?", said Bill. "Bill Surge, at your service to beat your Pokemon helpless."

"Of all the mother-fucking, shit-eating, diarrhea-filled luck I could possibly have. Why the fuck couldn't you be some hot chick... or anything but you for that matter. Now have to stand being near the biggest asshole in the world.", started Eric. "When I get through destroying your Pokemon, I'm going to take your pokeballs and ram them into your eye sockets."

"Hey, just because you can't fight doesn't mean you have to insult me.", said Bill.

"I'm fully healed this time, shit for brains.", shouted Eric, getting madder.

"Your being a pretty big pussy about this, jackass.", shouted Bill back. "Just take it like a man."

Jane merely stood off to the side. This was Eric's fight, and she wasn't about to get involved.

"When I'm done with you, Hell will reject you because you've been beaten so badly!", shouted Eric, grabbing a pokeball. "Go Florin!"

"Not if you get there first!", shouted Bill, grabbing several pokeballs. "Go Raichu, Electabuzz, and Electrode!"

"That's blatant, fucking cheating!", said Eric angrily. "Can't you fight fair for once in your pathetic life, you fucking prick!"

"Everyone, beat the piss out of his shitty-ass Ivysaur!", shouted Bill.

Without hesitation, all three of them zapped Florin with thunderbolt at the same time, knocking him instantly unconscious and barely breathing. If Florin had not been of the plant type, he would have died instantly. He automatically returned to his pokeball, which Eric picked back up, throwing it hard back into his backpack.

"That does it freak.", said Eric, grabbing another pokeball. "Nidoran, use cut on Bill!"

"Hey, that's cheating even more!", shouted Bill. "Your supposed to fight the..."

But by then, the Nidoran had swung is claw towards Bill, cutting a long, thing wound across his chest.

"Fucking Christ!", screamed Bill, falling to the ground. The cut had sliced open his shirt, as well as knocking off his Thunderbadge. The badge slid across the ground towards Jane, who quickly picked it up and pocketed it.

"Your going to fucking die!", screamed Bill, pointing at Eric with one hand and clutching his chest with the other. Pokemon, zap that man out of existence!"

"Wha?", was all Eric could say before the three Pokemon zapped him simultaneously, throwing him into the wall.

"EEEAAAGGGHHHHH!!!", screamed Eric as the electricity shot through his system, causing extreme heat and pain. He could feel the skin begin to melt off of his body from the heat of the lightning. Blood began to pour from where the skin had shredded from his body. He was instantly covered in blood, lying against the wall, screaming in excruciating pain.

Jane suddenly came out of shock. She instantly ran to the pokecenter and called for an ambulance to go to the gym. Minutes later, the paramedics arrived and began to carefully roll Eric over. As Jane saw his face, she vomited in terror. The skin had melted off of most of Eric's face, leaving the sheer bone showing in several areas. His eyelids had fused together from the heat. His mouth was fused shut, except where a hole had melted through his cheek into the side of his mouth. Jane could see that one of his eyes must have exploded from the electricity shooting through his body, as it was caved in an thin fluids were slowly dripping from between the fused eyelids.

"Jesus fucking Christ.", said one of the paramedics. They instantly hoisted him onto a stretcher and lifted him into the ambulance. Inside the ambulance, the paramedics tried to cut off Eric's shirt, but were unable to do this as the shirt fibers had melted to his body.

"He's going into shock.", said one of the doctors. "We're loosing him."

"Damnit.", said another doctor. "We need an intravenous in him, NOW!"

Suddenly, a loud beep echoed through the ambulance.

"We've lost the heartbeat.", said the first doctor. "Charge to 400 volts."

The second doctor grabbed the paddles while the first attempted to pull some of Eric's melted shirt off from his skin. The cloth merely pulled most of the skin off of his body, leaving muscle or skin that had melted to the bone showing underneath.

"Fuck!", screamed the first doctor as he rubbed conductive cream over Eric's chest.

"CLEAR!", shouted the second doctor, placing the paddles on Eric's chest. Eric bounced up once, and the loud beep continued.

"Once more here.", he screamed again. "CLEAR!"

Again, Eric bounced from the shock, but this time, the beeping was once again on and off.

"We've got 'em", said the first doctor. "Can I get a transfusion of blood in here?"

Sliding another needle into the less-burned arm, the second doctor spoke up.

"What type do we have here?", he said quickly.

"Damnit.", said the first doctor, mixing some of Eric's blood with some other types on a pre-made plastic dish. "We've got an 'O' negative on our hands here." *

The second doctor grabbed a large plastic bag of blood and slid the tube onto the back of the needle. The blood began to run down the tube and into Eric's body, which was no longer bleeding as bad. The severe burning had fused most of Eric's wounds shut or to his muscles.

"Is he going to live?", shouted Jane suddenly, trying to stay out of the way.

"Give me a minute.", said the first doctor. "How's his breathing?"

"Not bad.", said the second doctor. "We can hold onto him for now."

As the ambulance swung into the hospital, Eric was lifted out and ran immediately into the operating room. Jane jumped out, but was not allowed to follow. She suddenly realized that Bill must still be in the gym. She ran back to try to find him, but when she arrived, Bill had already ran. She thought that Bill might try to run, as he would obviously be arrested for attempted murder at best.

"FUCK!", screamed Jane, running back out, glancing around. Not finding him, she quickly ran back to the hospital to see if there was any news on Eric.

When she arrived again, the doctors were dragging Eric's backpack from the operating room, but the arm straps were cut off, assumingly fused to his skin. Along with that, they had several pieces of his clothing. She took them from the doctor, who quickly ran back into the operating room. They were painstakingly trying to remove the clothing from Eric's body. His skin was horribly disfigured on his face and upper body. His legs were fairly normal, except that the feet had become attached to his shoes and socks.

"We're going to have to loose the arm.", Jane heard from somewhere inside the operating room as the door swung open.

"Fuck.", said someone else. "How's his eyes?"

"He's blind for sure.", said the first person.

At that, the doors swung closed again, and Jane was unable to hear anything else that was happening. Her heart was racing. Her best friend had nearly died, and would be blinded for the rest of his life. She began sobbing uncontrollably. She ran back to the pokecenter out of frustration and punched a hole in the window of her room in anger. Lacerations appeared across her hand, but she didn't even notice. In her other hand, she noticed that she was still holding Eric's backpack. Dumping it out, she noticed that most of what was in there was smoldering, and several of the pokeballs had exploded from the electric shock. She noticed that Florin's pokeball was one of those. Crying once again, she threw the bag as hard as she could against the wall. Feeling extreme anger, pain at the loss of her best friend, and in a state of intense shock, she grabbed a shard of glass and shoved it deep into her throat. She couldn't think of living, knowing what she had seen would haunt her for the rest of her life. Blood flew out of her jugular vein as she collapsed to the ground. The blood pooled around her head, pouring from the gaping wound. She passed into death moments later as her brain was deprived of blood and oxygen. Only the next day would the cleaning lady find her corpse lying on the ground.

The doctors on the other hand had managed to get Eric's heart rate stable. They quickly wheeled him into x-ray for a C.A.T. scan. Sadly, they discovered that Eric's brain had suffered extensive damage, and he would be capable of living only on the machines that they had provided. Having no clue who he is or where he was from, the looked around for Jane. Seeing no sign of her, they took him up to his room, being waited on by several nurses. Eric's eyes had been carefully cut open again, as well as his mouth. His skin was missing over most of his face, and his hair had melted to his scalp. The doctors had managed to slice most of the hair from his head, but left him horribly scarred. The doctors could no longer identify who he was, as all of his facial features had been grotesquely melted away.

Eric's left eye was completely gone, leaving as hollow dent in his head where the eye cavity remained. His other eye stared only forward, never blinking, for the electric shock through his head had caused him to be brain-dead. The doctors, seeing that there was no way to contact his family, as his wallet had been in the bag that Jane had taken away with her, they made a decision. Seeing as he was no longer capable of thought or movement, they felt it was humane to let him slip away into death. They unplugged their machines and watched his heart rate instantly stop. One of the doctors closed his remaining eye as they turned off the machines.

"We have one John Doe here.", said the first doctor. "Time of death, 1:57 pm, central standard time."

"I'll call the morgue to expect him.", said one of the nurses, reaching for a phone. Minutes later, his limp body was carried away to the morgue for an autopsy.

Bill by this time had run off into the forest. He knew that the police would be after him in minutes, and he couldn't stand the thought of going to jail or worse. He ran as far as his legs would take him, clutching his bag. He already assumed that Eric would not live, and did not want to face the consequences. Finding a small boat by someone's house, he jumped into it and began to row away from the shore. He could never return here again, or anywhere else for that matter. He rowed into the Seafoam Islands and ran inside, knowing that noone else actually lived inside of them. He would hide in there for several months, eating what Pokemon he had killed with his Raichu. After several months, he had heard several trainers passing through talking about how the police were still investigating the murder. Knowing that his chances of returning were gone, he decided to remain in the caves, living off the flesh of the Pokemon inside. He bit deep into the charred remains of a Dewgong's leg, tearing away the flesh and meat underneath. Swallowing, he looked around at would remain his existence for as long as he lived.


* : By the way, this is my blood type :}

This is the end. There are no more questions to be asked, only more to be answered. You may read onward in the remaining, real series of stories to see different outcomes. Should I have written, or plan to write another ending, it will be hidden elsewhere on the webpage.



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