Secret Zone

Ah, you have stumbled, either deliberately or accidentally, onto yet another secret zone. Good job. Inside of this particular secret zone, I've decided to place the my good friend Kabutroid's Pokemon fanfic, written several years ago. I must say, it makes for quite an interesting read...

Pokemon Fight Back title page
The theme song, as reworded by Kabutroid
Chapter 1/2: The origin of Pokemon
Chapter 1+2: Mutiny in the ranks + First blood
Chapter 3+4: The new Pokemon + The return of Squirt
Chapter 5: The confrontation
Chapter 6: Jane's awakening
Chapter 7: Jerry?!?
Chapter 8+9: A cruising we will go, a cruising we will go... + The discovery
Chapter 10: The Questioning
Chapter 11: Oh my God!
------- Chapter 11b - bonus ending 1: The Angel of Death
Chapter 12: The recovery
Chapter 13+14: The Preparation + The Encounter
Chapter 15: Erics anger unleashed (or, The long walk)
Chapter 16: The return of Bill
Chapter 17: Onward to Celadon
Chapter 18: Wrath
Chapter 19: The Truth
Chapter 20: Janes Odyssey
Chapter 21: The Alliance
Chapter 22: Faith
Chapter 23: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 24: The Warning
Chapter 25: The Memory Remains
Chapter 26: Banished
Chapter 27: Vladmere
Chapter 28: Carnage
Chapter 29: E Pluribus Unum

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