Project Metroid Operating instructions - The following tells you how to work Project Metroid

Metroid Interaction:
To drag a metroid click on it once it will then attach to your mouse cllick again to release the metroid.

Chase the mouse:
To get the metroid to chase your mouse, right click it once and select Follow Mouse from the menu that appears.

Keep metroid above all windows:
To prevent the metroid from going behind another window right click it once and select always on top and this will keep the metroid on top of all windows.

Destroy Metroid:
To remove a metroid simply double click it or right click it and select exit.

This is how long it takes for a metroid to reach maximum speed, it's current speed will increase by the acceleration amount for every refresh.

Maximum Speed:
This is the highest speed the metroid can obtain.

Refresh Interval:
This is how fast the operations of Project Metroid take place in ms if you set it to 1ms then it will move about at it's fastest where as if you set it at 5000ms then it will move about slower.

Always On Top:
This option will turn on/off always on top mode for the metroid.

Chase Mouse:
This option will turn on/off the chase the mouse mode for the metroid.

Allow Drag:
Turning this off prevents dragging for the metroid.

Swarm On:
This option will turn on/off swarm mode for the metroid, if the option is on it will attempt to follow randomly any other metroids that are active.

Don't Follow Self:
Turning this option on will prevent tthe metroid trying to follow itself.

Change Interval:
This is the interval in ms that that the metroid will aquire another target.

This box contains vairous bits of information including:
How many pixels to a twip
Maximum twips on the screen
Metroid Position on screen in twips
Where the Metroid is heading now
Version of Project Metroid

Information on the currently loaded sprite (Mostly for debug purposes)

This contains a list of metroids currently available A button to preview the metroids frames of animation and a change button to change to the currently selected metroid.

By clicking on preview you'll bring up a small menu, clicking close will close the menu, clicking any number will show that frame of animation for the selected metroid.

Change will simply change the metroid to the selected one.

This will save the currently previewed sprite to a the applications folder with the filename Metroid--???.bmp where ??? is a random number from 1 to 100.

Closes Project Metroid.

Shows the About dialog.

Saves the settings and closes the options window.

Closes the options window.

Saves the settings.

Load Saved Settings:
This loads the currently saved settings so if you saved settings via another metroid it will open up whatever has been opened up and also load the settings.

Project Metroid