Boxy & Unspawny

This minor character basically started out as being the unwitting victim to one of Geruta's earlier attempts to capture Samus. Boxy has been near death several times now, having nearly run out of air... twice so far... from which Kraid opened the box temporarily to give him a fresh breath. However, as he staves off starvation eating flies and the like unwittingly entering his box, he remains (almost) permanently trapped. Of course, fate has a way of keeping characters such as this around for comic relief as well as plot-hole fillage. He may not be seen often, but when he is, it's usually asking for either death, life, or whichever's fastest. Somehow fate always seems to like cheating him however, either bringing him to the brink of freedom or death... or both one after another, but never actually freeing him or finishing him off. Connected to him via unexpected FTP transfer is Unspawny, a Moheek who was actually kept unspawned by none other than Geruta on ZR388. Upon being transferred back, a slight misalignment combined with Kabutroid not knowing he was even there partially spawned him over Boxy's box. Essentially trapped forever, never being fully respawned like the other enemies of ZR388, he is stuck living beside Boxy. He does appear however to be spawned enough to be capable of speech once again.

As of late, after having been pestered by Gronky and Grunky for what seems like ages, Boxy has been freed, though unfortunately Unspawny never did spawn. At least not on Zebeth. There's always ZR388 though...