That's really more or less how I make a comic strip. I used to have them all planned out and pre-drawn on paper (and still have a handfull of those sheets kicking around), but now I just wing it and go with what feels right. In this case, unfortunately one of the two couldn't make it. I knew Boxy was gonna make it out, but I wasn't sure about Unspawny. I was trying for a while to come up with a way of drawing him popping into reality. But in the end, this just seemed to work better. His midsection was basically just vapourized, there wasn't much 'popping back' after that. Hell, his feet are still stuck in the box. Nah... it just wasn't meant to be. Sorry Unspawny, I tried :(

A moment of silence for poor Unspawny.


Moving on, my life is seeing some drastic changes as of late. I've moved out from my old apartment with my ex, and am now renting the spare room of a friend's house. It began as a convoluted mess of boxes and furniture, and ended with a completely functional and comfortable living space. I've also gutted a fair amount of furniture, shelving, and other miscellania. I've thus far kept most of my toys and figures and all that such, but I like a wide assortment of those. I'd love just a shelf or two where I can have whatever figures in whatever poses, and change it up periodically. The problem is, the cats in this place run the show, and they wouldn't show delicately balanced figures in a specific configuration much mercy. I can picture a few places where it'd be conceivably catproof, so I'm sure that's down the road. Just little optimizations and organizations of my new living space.

Gotta say, I'm pretty proud of myself. Maybe two weeks for the entirety of packing all my stuff semi-randomly, moving it across town (involving 4 flights of stairs in some manner or another), unpacking, reorganizing, and de-cluttering the lot of it. There's still plenty of room for more to go as well, but I can only do so much in a single day. Job-hunt, car-sale, moving, everything seems to be happening at the exact same time for me. Makes it a bit difficult. Woulda been nice if these major, life-changing events were spaced out a little bit more but... y'work with whatcha got. Oh, and if you wanna see a quick sweep of my new place, you can catch it at the start of today's regular livestream.

Otherwise, if you didn't catch it, I impromptu live-streamed making this comic, available for viewing here (no longer available). It's about 45 minutes long, and there's no audio, but I'm attempting to put YouTube's free available music in the background. I just picked the Electronic/Dubstep type option, so hopefully it works :)

Aaaaanow now I'm gonna go to sleep. It's been a long few days.

*gronk* *GRONK*
Well, that's true, but then you'd have to take the coefficient of friction into account.
Oh, as if that'd happen.
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