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Red beaded bear paw with a white outline, on medium brown leather Just a thing saying temporary placeholder, on a blue pattern similar to the background More coming, it says An ascii smiley face type of thing, the two pointy up things with an underline inbetween
The Metroid beaded curtain, just a pixellated rendition of it, her template shrunk down with the title The Curtain at the top. A scattering of the hotplate and coaster templates all kinda pasted over eachother
The Placemat, at the top of the template for the placemat, it's a common theme on this page.

The banners, over the templateThe Others, but this time over a felt logo of the Samus S pattern

The Door Banner, over you guessed it, the banner's template. It has a kinda cool effect, at least on my screen, where the grid lines kinda look denser in some lines and dimmer in spots, just an aspect of the browser resizing kinda algorithm. Looks pretty cool.

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