The 'permy' bracelet

7/32" ID, 18-gauge titanium rings

A chainmaille bracelet on a wrist.
Not too much to say about this one. It was my first attempt at a non-european weave, and I went straight to something considered very difficult... half-persian 4-1. Not only is this a difficult weave, but it's quite difficult to make with titanium rings, since titanium rings aren't too fond of staying bent into place (ie: springback). However, I eventually succeeded (and have made various other titanium bracelets for people, but those are long-since given away, so I can't take a picture of any of them). It's called a 'permy' because it's... well... permanant. Well, permanant in that it doesn't have a clasp. It was woven onto my wrist (worn from April 2006 to 2017), and is unable to slide over the hand. There are however several annealed (ie: repeatedly heated then cooled to make them weaker) rings that should act as a 'breaking point' if it gets caught on something. It's never left my wrist since I put it on... but it's titanium, so it's hypoallergenic, can't rust, and generally will last a very long time without showing any wear or causing problems.

Since removing the bracelet (after coming out as trans, it was decided that it wasn't feminine enough to continue to wear), I've used some of the rings from this bracelet in other projects, including my second personal dragon Charlotte.
A silvery grey bracelet with a dense weave around Kabutroid's wrist, taken in a random room with a dark floor.

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