Chainmailling page

A brownish grey chainmaille glove on a brown rug A chainmaille shirt with scale shoulders on a brown rug A grey scalemaille pouch on a brown couchA chainmaille bracelet on Kabutroid's wrist
A chainmaille headpiece with face opening on a brown rug About fifty different chainmaille weaves, all attached to a green caribiner The grey chainmaille pattern, laying on a wooden desk A shiny steel woven orb
A chainmaille dice A keyring held open with two small chainmaille rings and thread A loose chainmaille ringA coin with a crocodile on it, wrapped in chainmaille
A rough butterfly shape made with... different sized rings and stuff. A much neater chainmaille ring An orange cat wearing a chainmaille collarA tight chainmaille weave over a pen tube, on a teal background
The purse kinda squished to look like a plus sign A ring with several different size slits cut into it A chainmaille knot on a bright background A dinosaur sitting on a wooden table
A scalemaille shirt with no sleeves laying on a black countertop A purple dangling ornament A second scalemaille pouch, on a sparkly background A pencil drawing of a haltertop, front and back, with kinda long scale fringes
Two silvery dragons circling a third pink one About twelve dragons arranged to all face the center of a round rug A pride rainbow patterned scale sheet A green dragonfly
The cross of a chainmaille Rosary A pair of chainmaille scale earrings An orange gecko on a brown leather journal

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The page dedictated to Kabutroid's hobby known as chainmailling. It, as with the other things in the 'stuff' section, will be updated periodically. All of the items on this page are arranged chronologically as they were made.