The scalemaille dicebag

5/16" ID, 16-gauge galvanized steel rings

A scalemaille dice bag.
This has been described by many as the steel artichoke. I had no clue what an artichoke even looked like until I was told this, followed by googling it. In either case... this came shortly after I had created the shirt, and wanted to play around with (still remaining galvanized steel) scales some more. The scalemaille pouch, packed full of dice, and held above a brown couch.
I had decided to experiment with expanding and contracting scales... which is somewhat difficult, as the rings have to run the 'wrong' way as compared to a shirt. To add to the difficulty, I also wanted to make no gaps on the inside of the dicebag large enough for a dime to fit through. The reasoning for this is such that if, say for a costume or something, I actually wanted to keep my change in it and use it as a money sack thing. As well, I have an actual "D-2" dice (near the pullstring... and I also have several other custom dice... such as the D-3, D-5, and D-7). Hence, some creative ring-work between the larger gaps caused by the expansions/contractions, and the very center-bottom was needed. The bag laying on the couch, with rough twine strings to draw it closed.
In the end... it turned out, and anyone who knows me also knows of the infamous galvanized steel artichoke. And as you can see... it's actually capable of holding a fair amount of dice, or whatever you want. Somewhere around 35 or so dice... depending obviously on the size of dice you have. If it's all D-6's, odds are you can get about 40 in there. I have an assortment of mainly D-10's, pretty much several of everything else, and a D-30 that takes up a fair amount of room. The scalemaille dicebag, opened with all of the green dice spilled beside it, on the brown couch.

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