The dinosaur

Multiple sizes, mostly 3/16" ID, 18-gauge stainless steel rings

A chainmaille dinosaur, an apatosaurus!
This... this entirely started as a "Huh... I wonder if I can make a chainmaille dinosaur." Purely just a test against myself to see if I could pull it off. Offhand, I'd say it came out pretty decently. Apatosaurus by the way. Stands up well, relatively rigid, neck doesn't flop over. I pretty much just winged it during lunches when I worked as a customs broker. Half an hour a day or so for a month or two, just adding a few rings every day. Loooooootta trial-and-error though, overall, I probably placed and removed enough rings to build this thing three times over. Especially attaching the legs to the body... that took a lot of messing around to get them to look good, it to stand up, and not be easily 'mangleable'. I stuffed it with whatever scrap rags happened to be kicking around at the time; in this case, an old grey dish-drying towel. Don't worry, it was clean. There's not really much else to add, and I didn't think to take any mid-build pictures, so here's a pile of pictures of it from various angles. The dinosaur on a white paper surface, all the legs sturdy and neck straight.The apatosaurus on a faded wooden surface, from another angle and with the tail slightly curved towards the camera.
The dinosaur from the front and side, looking strong and proud.The dinosaur walking away, showing the back and tail of the dinosaur off.
I had no idea what to do with it once I finished making it, so I gave it to my niece Emilee. It's either that, or let it collect dust around here. So hey, she likes it :D My niece Emmie playing with the dinosaur, on a messy couch with other toys.

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