The fiddleables

A chainmaille triskelion knot.
3/8" ID, 16-gauge stainless steel rings - One and a half HP 3-1

My hands are always busy, and I love fiddling with things. I mean... that's gotta be pretty obvious, I'm making things out of chainmaille here :P. But these actually more or less started out as something else, didn't quite work out, and ended with me thinking "Huh, what else can I do with this piece of chainmail?" This first one I like to call the 3-sided Möbius ring. This one I think actually did start out more or less planning to become this, although I was initially thinking of making it a lot longer and wearing it around my neck or something. After a little bit, I thought "nah", and decided to see how small a ring I could get while connecting the ends together. And then I thought of twisting it a bit before connecting the ends. And then I adjusted the size like... half a dozen times to make it twist smoothly. And now I have a fiddleable (totally a real word).
A three-sided chainmaille mobius ring, sitting on a white surface in the corner of a steel right-angle ruler.
3/8" ID, 16-gauge stainless steel rings - Half persian 4-1

This second one completely started out as a bracelet. A friend showed an interest in chainmail, so I was gonna make a random something to give 'em because hey, who doesn't like chainmail? He liked my weave, but wanted it thicker, so this was the result. Except it didn't work out quite right. The weave was too tight and naturally twisted, making it completely unsuitable for a bracelet (I ended up making him something completely different later). So I figured "Huh... what can I do with this thing now?" One twist led to another, and suddenly I have what is apparently called a trefoil knot, although I've heard a few other names for it that aren't coming to mind at the moment. Celtic knot I think too in some manner. In either case, it's fun to play with and twist around in your hands. It's dense, tough, and you can do damn near anything to it without worry. I just kinda like to pull the slack from one corner to another. Aaaaand yeah, that's about its only purpose :P
A densely weaved chainmaille knot, sitting on a black table beside a pair of glasses.
Ring size 3/16" ID, 18-gauge stainless steel rings - European 4-1

This one was pretty much entirely conceived and made in 24 hours. One of my Zebeth fans Rachlend brought up the idea of making a Klein Bottle, which led me to the figure 8 immersion. Pretty much all I needed was that image of the cross-section, and it was already built in my mind. The idea of adding a marble of some sort to it was pretty much instant. I mean yeah, it's cool with just being a Klein bagel, but there's two perfectly empty chainmaille tubes, connected to eachother in an infinite loop. How could I NOT add something to there. There was a little bit of trial and erroring at the start, but once the basics were decided, the rest of the build was pretty straight-forward.
A small ring weave of a small loop, laying on a red velvet surface. The weave flips at the top of the loop for it to loop into the opposite side, making essentially a mobius ring, made up of two parallel tubes. And a steel ball inside of it.
3/8" ID, 16-gauge stainless steel rings - One and a half HP 3-1

How the Möbius Knot came to be was that during my livestreaming over a while, I ended up with a decently long section of the 'One and a half HP 3-1' weave, as a result of attempting incorrectly to build a left-handed version of it, and ending up with a regular right-handed version anyway. From that overly long section came the Möbius Knot. In order to get the full building process recorded though, I started from scratch for this episode. It's just as full of infinite spirals, just as Möbiusy, and woven into a fun knot that's enjoyable to pull around and twist in your fingers. I think I have a new favourite thingy :D
A chainmaille knot held in Kabutroid's hand, showing two side loops and a center piece flowing through the two, held above a blue rug.

More to be added over time I'm sure

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