The chainmaille glove

9/16" ID, 12-gauge coated mild steel rings

A chainmaille glove made from coathangers.
The chainmaille glove... completed June 10, 2001. Kabutroid's first attempt at chainmailling. The ONLY tools used to create this were two pairs of needle-nosed pliers, and exactly 24 wire coathangers. I painstakingly hand-twisted each ring from the coathangers one by one between the pliers, and cut them off and wove them. I had exactly zero training or reference material to look at. I just went off gut-instinct, and went with what seemed to make sense. What we got was a European 4-1 weave, with a LOT of mistakes made throughout. Hey, this was made years ago with no idea what I was doing... it turned out better than expected. A rough looking heavy chainmaille glove laying on a light brown carpet. The rings are all very thick and dark, with some slight glinting off of some of them.
As you can guess, it was built specifically to the size of my hand. Luckly, it wasn't built far enough in the past for me to have grown at all, so it still fits to this day. I however have thin, longish fingers, so most others aren't able to wear it. Given the gargantuan size and gauge of the rings, you can't really clench your hand tightly. It can be tight enough to hold a sword or something, but that's about it. For a first attempt ever... not too shabby in my opinion. But yes... this was the very beginning of my chainmailling hobby. Kabutroid wearing the chainmaille glove, making her fingers twice as thick, and holding it in the air.

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